Quiz: No New York Transplant Can Pass This New York Locals Quiz


Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...

If you love New York, or better yet, a New York native, then you should definitely test your local knowledge with this quiz!

 Mar 14, 2018

1 of 18Pick one!

Which building in NYC has its own zip code?
Statue of Liberty
Museum of Modern Art
Empire State Building

2 of 18Pick one!

Which train does not run on during the weekend?
B Train
L train
A train

3 of 18Pick one!

What is a 'guap'?
A handsome gentleman
An old car

4 of 18Pick one!

Which of the following terms can be used to describe a back stabber?

5 of 18Pick one!

Brooklyn is New York's most populous borough.

6 of 18Pick one!

If you want to visit Washington Square park, you need to head to:
Meatpacking district
Greenwich Village

7 of 18Pick one!

If you drive a hooptie, that usually means you drive:
A beat-up car
A brand new car
A stolen car

8 of 18Pick one!

Dominique Ansel Bakery is famous for:
Milk flavored ice cream

9 of 18Pick one!

What popular attraction can be seen at 520 Madison Avenue?
An original piece of the Berlin Wall
Metallic sphere sculpture from the Twin Towers
A 25-foot waterfall

10 of 18Pick one!

When does the taxi shift change?

11 of 18Pick one!

Which of the following museums is always free?
The Met

12 of 18Pick one!

Do you wait on line or in line?
On line
In line

13 of 18Pick one!

Who is Pat Kiernan?
Owner of Katz
News anchor
Chief writer of Seinfeld

14 of 18Pick one!

What is a bodega?
Corner grocery store
Art gallery
Venue for plays

15 of 18Pick one!

What can you look forward to at the end of the Brooklyn bridge on the Brooklyn side?
Ice cream
Bacon-wrapped hotdog
Falafel wrap

16 of 18Pick one!

What are pumps?
Fire hydrants

17 of 18Pick one!

You'll need to head over to _____ to visit Alphabet city.
Greenwich Village
East Village

18 of 18Pick one!

What can you find on the ceiling of Grand Central Station?
Night sky constellations
The NYC skyline
The American flag
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