Quiz: No New Englander Has Passed This East Coast Test. Can You?

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When 15 degrees in the Winter is a miracle, you must be from New England!

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 Jan 03, 2018

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Translate this phrase: "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd"
Park the car in Harvard Yard
Perks of parking in Harvard Yard
Park the card in Harvard Year

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Which of these states is not considered part of New England?
New York

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What is Boston's professional basketball team?
The Leprechauns
The Pacers
The Celtics

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This brand is notoriously "East Coast"...
Forever 21
Vineyard Vines

5 of 15Name this East Coast favorite sandwich!

Peanut butter and Jelly
Peanut butter and fluff

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Is New England Clam Chowder white or red?

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Which New England state is known for lobster?
New Jersey
New York

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Where would you go for a milkshake and a burger?
The diner

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When it comes to pizza, who's your papa?
Papa Murphy's
Papa Gino's
Papa John's

10 of 15What do you call this?

Traffic circle

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In which state would you find Fenway Park?
New Hampshire

12 of 15Pick one!

Which New England state is the furthest North?
New Jersey
Rhode Island

13 of 15Pick one!

What number is Tom Brady on the Patriots?

14 of 15Pick one!

Which New England state does not have a border with the ocean?
New Hampshire

15 of 15Pick one!

What's a leef peeper?
A leaf blower
A gardener
A tourist who comes to New England to see the trees in the Fall
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