Quiz: No Lawyer Has Ever Gotten a Perfect Score On This Law Test


Can you handle the truth?

Take a break from researching, and challenge yourself with this basic law quiz! Only a true JD will win!

 Feb 18, 2018

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When a suspect is arrested, police must state the _______ rights?

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Sandra Day O'Connor is the first lady Supreme Court justice.

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This is the geographic area in which a law applies:

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Which amendment secured women the right to vote?

5 of 18Pick one!

Brown v. Board of Education was about:
Flag burning
School segregation
Right to privacy

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Tinker v. Des Moines is about symbolic speech.

7 of 18Pick one!

What branch of government creates the law?

8 of 18Pick one!

What Supreme Court case struck down laws prohibiting abortions?
Mapp v. Ohio
Kramer v. Kramer
Roe v. Wade

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How many Supreme Court justices are there?

10 of 18Pick one!

When is Constitution Day celebrated?
July 4
September 17
November 14

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What do you call a payment of part of the purchase price to bind the contract?
Earnest money
Good faith
Due care

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Liguria is a violation of legal right.

13 of 18Pick one!

'Res ipsa loquitur' means:
Guilty knowledge
The thing speaks for itself
The superior is responsible

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If you're looking into getting in a top law school, your LSAT score should be at least:

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Which of the following U.S Presidents was NOT a lawyer?
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford

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To become a lawyer you must pass _______.
the LSAT
the Judicial Hearing
the Bar

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How many years is law school?

18 of 18Pick one!

If you cannot afford an attorney, what happens?
One will be appointed to you
Your family must pay for one
You can act as your own
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