Quiz: Most Americans Won't Pass This March Madness Quiz. Can You?


Can you score a slam dunk?

If ball is life, then you will have no difficulty acing this quiz! With March Madness around the corner, test your wits with this basketball quiz.

 Mar 06, 2018

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What does NCAA stand for?
National Collegiate Aerobics Association
National Collegiate Athletic Association
National College Athletics Association

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How many college basketball divisions are there?

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Division 1 schools must sponsor at least seven sports each for men and women.

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What does RPI stand for?
Responsive Percentage Index
Rating Percentage Index
Ranking Percentage Index

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Initially, how many teams play in March Madness?

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_____ refer to the placement of a team in one of four regions

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A ________ team is a team that unexpectedly achieves success in the tournament.
Ugly Duckling
Black Swan

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A No. 16 seed has never won a tournament game.

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What popular move was banned from college basketball in 1967, to be reinstated in 1976?
Drawing contact
Slam dunk
Crossover dribble

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Who is the the all-time leading NCAA Division I scorer?
Kobe Bryant
Pete Maravich
Jerry Lucas

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What school did NBA great, Larry Bird, play for in the NCAA?
Indiana State
Michigan State

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What name did Arkansas give to its pressure defense style during the nineties?
Boiling Point
Forty Minutes of Hell
The Pressure Cooker

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What part of a regulation basketball court is also referred to as "the paint"?
Three point lane
Center circle
Free throw lane

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The power forward is generally best at:
Shooting threes

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Which team won ten out of twelve Titles from 1964 to 1975?

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James Naismith invented basketball.

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What year saw seven players from the Final Four get drafted into the NBA?

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Which 1980 team was known as "the Doctors of Dunk"?
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