Quiz: If You’ve Seen "Titanic" A Million Times, You Should Ace This Quiz

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My heart will go on....

Things you did not know about the movie Titanic. Leonardo di caprio movies. Kate winslet movies. Movies about disasters. Best movies of all time.

 Oct 07, 2017
1 of 15Question 15
What's the name of Rose's necklace?
Heart of the Ocean
Hope of the Sea
Forever Blue
2 of 15Question 14
Which of the following can Rose do?
Sing like an opera singer
Stand on the ends of her toes
3 of 15Question 13
Who directed Titanic?
J.J Abrams
James Cameron
Michael Bay
4 of 15Question 12
Who is Rose's fiance?
5 of 15Question 11
In the film, where did Jack first see Rose?
6 of 15Question 10
How did Jack and Fabrizio get tickets to board the Titanic?
Someone dropped them
They won them at poker
They won it at a raffle
7 of 15Question 9
What is the name of Rose's mother?
8 of 15Question 8
Which of the following did Jack teach Rose?
9 of 15Question 7
What did Rose use to remove Jack's handcuffs?
10 of 15Question 6
Which of the following happened to Cal later in his life?
He bought a cruise line
He married Rose
He shot himself
11 of 15Question 5
What did Cal accuse Jack of?
12 of 15Question 4
Why did Cal commit suicide?
He couldn't get over his love for Rose
He lost his wife
He lost all his money in Wall Street
13 of 15Question 3
Who played Rose in the film?
Julia Roberts
Amy Adams
Kate Winslet
14 of 15Question 2
What was the Titanic theme song?
I Love You, Goodbye
Eternal Flame
My Heart Will Go On
15 of 15Question 1
What is the name of the treasure hunter who was exploring the wreck of the RMS Titanic?
Jack Dawson
Cal Hockley
Brock Lovett
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