Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Test, You Must Have A PhD

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Calling all doctors!

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 Dec 26, 2016
1 of 15Choose the correct answer!
Who developed the theory of relativity?
Albert Einstein
Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
2 of 15Choose the correct answer:
____________ is the most spoken language in the world.
3 of 15Choose the correct answer:
What percent of the human body is water?
4 of 15Choose the correct answer:
A cough occurs at about 100 miles per hour.
5 of 15Choose the correct answer:
Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?
6 of 15Choose the correct answer:
The smallest bones in the human body are found in the...
7 of 15Choose the correct answer:
Sweat is the main cause of body odor.
8 of 15Choose the correct answer:
Which country has the most spoken languages?
Papua New Guinea
9 of 15Choose the correct answer:
_______ is a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.
10 of 15Choose one!
As of date, which of the following diseases has the highest death rate?
11 of 15Choose the correct answer:
How many elements are on the periodic table?
12 of 15Choose the correct answer:
Who invented the telephone?
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Graham Bell
13 of 15Choose the correct answer:
When do Americans celebrate Constitution Day?
July 4
June 12
September 17
14 of 15Choose the correct answer:
Which of the following is the longest river of the world?
Amazon river
Nile river
15 of 15Choose the correct answer:
Hypothermia occurs when your body drops below:
95 F
82 F
76 F
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