Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Have Been On Yearbook


Were you on the yearbook committee?

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 Jan 02, 2017
1 of 15Choose one!
Who is responsible in maintaining an accurate list of every student and faculty member?
Layout Editor
Index Editor
Photography Editor
2 of 15Choose one!
Who checks for spelling, grammar and journalistic style consistency?
Copy Editor
3 of 15Choose one!
Who assigns staffers to pages and deadlines within the section?
Index Editor
Page Editor
Section Editor
4 of 15Choose one!
Which of the following is not a task of a Designer?
Carries a camera at all times and is on the lookout for unexpected shots.
Checks pages for completion before submission to editors.
Completes photo request forms for each assigned spread.
5 of 15Choose one!
Who develops the budget with the adviser and editor?
Business Manager
Creative Director
6 of 15Choose one!
Which of the following is NOT a typical position?
Social Media Manager
Student Coordinator
Advertising Manager
7 of 15Choose one!
Who posts snippets throughout the year to build interest in the yearbook and promote sales?
Social Media Manager
Managing Editor
Advertising Manager
8 of 15Choose one!
______ is the outline of the entire yearbook that determines the order of pages and deadlines.
9 of 15Choose one!
When a yearbook is organized in a "traditional" way, what does this mean?
Sections are divided by school department.
Covers the year "as it happens."
Student pictures are posted first.
10 of 15Choose one!
_____ - tells the story of the yearbook verbally and visually.
11 of 15Choose one!
What are endsheets?
Series of pages for student dedications.
Page for advertisers.
Inside front and back cover sheets
12 of 15Choose one!
Division spreads are also known as:
Theme spreads
Intro Pages
Chapter Headers
13 of 15Choose one!
What do you call theme elements that go along with page numbers?
Page Marks
14 of 15Choose one!
Which of the following Senior quotes will be accepted?
Faber est suae quisque fortunae
HS is over. The best years are ahead of us!
Mak3 new Fr3nds, bt Keep the OLd.
15 of 15Choose one!
Can you refer to God or Allah in your senior quote?
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