Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test You Must Watch The Food Network

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Are you addicted to the Food Network?

Take this fun and easy Food Network challenge to test your knowledge of food, cooking, food culture, and fine dining.

 Jan 30, 2017
1 of 15Pick one!
If you cook pasta "al dente," it is...
Overcooked and soft
A little undercooked and firm
2 of 15Pick one!
What is Guy Fieri's catch phrase?
Good stuff!
Off the hook!
3 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following is NOT a kind of fish?
4 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following is not a shape of pasta?
Angel hair
5 of 15Pick one!
Which Food Network chef has starred in 14 shows?
Bobbly Flay
Rachael Ray
Mario Batali
6 of 15Pick one!
Burrata is a kind of:
7 of 15Pick one!
A mushroom is a kind of...
Sea food
8 of 15Pick one!
What is a nockerl?
A liquer
A leafy vegetable
A dumpling
9 of 15Pick one!
Name the show: In each round, chefs have to use all the ingredients the show provides them, however unlikely they might be.
Iron Chef America
Cutthroat Kitchen
10 of 15Pick one!
Name the show: Which of the following shows is NOT hosted by Guy Fieri?
Grocery Wars
Big Bite
Guilty Pleasures
11 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following condiments are purchased by Americans the most?
12 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following Nabisco cookies is considered best-selling?
Nilla Wafers
Chips Ahoy
13 of 15Pick one!
True or false: Ice cream has a higher butterfat content than gelato.
14 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following products originally introduced coupons?
15 of 15Pick one!
This cheese originated in the Netherlands.
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