Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "The Money Pit?"

"Here lies Walter Fielding. He bought a house, and it killed him."

The Money Pit, movies/tv
 May 05, 2016
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Question: 1/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
How much did Walter pay for the million-dollar mansion?

Question: 2/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
Why were the Israelis after Carlos?
He committed insider trading
He is accused of being Adolf Hitler's pool man
He was selling illegal firearms

Question: 3/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
Where did Walter Sr. get married?
Rio de Janeiro
Panama City

Question: 4/9Pick the correct answer!

Money Pit, tom hanks, movies/tv, pop culture
What did Anna's ex-husband do for a living?
He was a conductor
He was a broker
He was a contractor

Question: 5/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
What are the names of the 2 contractors hired to fix the house?
Art and Brian
Art and Ben
Art and Brad

Question: 6/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
According to the contractors, how long was it supposed to take to repair the house?
2 months
2 weeks
2 years

Question: 7/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
Who loaned Walter the money to buy the house?
Walter Sr.

Question: 8/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
Before Anna found Walter in the den, he hallucinated that the __________ were in the room
Power Rangers
Care Bears
Ghost Busters

Question: 9/9Pick the correct answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
What jumped out at Anna from the dumbwaiter?
A skunk
A raccoon
A rat
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