Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This MacGyver Quiz, You Must Be Superhuman

Macgyver, movies/tv

Do you know how to disarm a missile with a paper clip or perhaps fix the brake line of a moving car? Take this quiz, and see if you've got skills like MacGyver!

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 May 11, 2016
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Macgyver, movies/tv
What is MacGyver's first name?
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Macgyver, movies/tv
What is the name of the United States government agency that Macgyver worked for?
Department of Extraordinary Inventors
Department of External Services
It was a secret
3 of 10Choose one:
Macgyver, movies/tv
During the Vietnam War, what position did MacGyver serve?
Bomb Team Technician
Field Marshal
Air Traffic Controller
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Macgyver, movies/tv
What is MacGyver's weapon of choice?
Swiss Army Knife
5 of 10Choose one:
Macgyver, movies/tv
Why does MacGyver refuse to carry or use a gun?
He does not know how to operate one.
His religion doesn't allow him to use one
Childhood accident that resulted in the death of a friend.
6 of 10Choose one:
Macgyver, movies/tv
What was the name of the only Christmas episode of the series?
Cleo Rocks
The Madonna
Deadly Dreams
7 of 10Choose one:
Macgyver, movies/tv
Who was the prolific assassin who worked for Homicide International Trust?
8 of 10Choose one:
Macgyver, movies/tv
Who is Macgyver's best friend on the show?
Pete Thorton
Dana Elcar
Lee David
9 of 10Choose one:
Macgyver, movies/tv
Name the title of the "lost" episode where MacGyver finds himself battling nuclear terrorists.
Off the Wall
The Mountain of Youth
The Stringer
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Macgyver, movies/tv
How many seasons did the show run for?
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