Quiz: How Well Do You Know Texas Football Slang?

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"First downs to Touchdowns - That's how we roll!"

How many of these words do you know? Texas football slang. How many Texas football words do you know?

 Aug 28, 2016
1 of 10What's an "audible"?
school, football
Book app
When a quarterback fakes a handoff to a running back
When a quarterback changes the play at the line of scrimmage
2 of 10What is a "Dime Back"?
school, football
A 6th defensive back
A 4th defensive back
A 5th defensive back
3 of 10What is a "Hail Mary"?
school, football
A last-ditch deep throw by a quarterback in an attempt to win a game
The first Texan cheerleader of the NFL
A prayer recited during halftime
4 of 10How about "burnt"?
school, football
Sun burn
Perfect shade of orange
A football prank
5 of 10What are "chaps"?
school, football
Pom squad uniform
Jersey brand
A pair of joined leather leggings with a belt
6 of 10What's a "pooch kick"?
school, football
A high kick
Getting kicked in the groins
A poorly-kicked ball
7 of 10To "stiff arm" someone means:
school, football
To stand still
To use the arm not carrying the ball to fend off defenders
To give someone the middle finger
8 of 10To "git-r-done" means:
school, football
To get the job done
Roast the pig
Rake the yard
9 of 10What does it mean when someone says "over yonder"?
school, football
A low-kicked ball on a kickoff
Over there
When a player downs the ball in their own end zone
10 of 10I got "tickled" the other day.
school, football
When something funny happened recently
When a defensive player intercepts a ball or recovers a fumble
When someone nearly gets tackled
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