Quiz: How Well Do You Know Orange County Slang?


Home of Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and beautiful coastlines - Orange County is more than what you've seen on the Real Housewives and the O.C. Take this quiz, and see if you can blend with the natives!

 Jun 21, 2016
1 of 10Choose the right answer:
What does "Animal Style" mean?
A mustard cooked beef patty burger with pickles, and grilled onions
A surfer high up a wave
A plastic surgery gone bad
2 of 10Choose the right answer:
What is a grom?
A young surfer
Authentic gelato
A well dressed puppy
3 of 10Choose the right answer:
People who wear jeans to the beach are referred to as a total:
4 of 10Choose the right answer:
Most people from Orange County have PPSD. What does this stand for?
Post Precipitation Stress Disorder
Portable Pornographic Surfing Device
Post Potter Shock Disorder
5 of 10Choose the right answer:
If you're hitting up a Super Cross event, where are you going?
The Motor Cross
A drag show
An 18 and up club
6 of 10Choose the right answer:
When someone is in need of Grits, what are they referring to?
A southern breakfast
A day at the beach
A cigarette
7 of 10Choose the right answer:
Which of the following refers to the act of smoking any type of substance in a communal situation?
Toke A Smoke
Kick Back
8 of 10Choose the right answer:
Which highway in Orange County will cost you your first born?
The 57
The 73
The 5
9 of 10Choose the right answer:
To say something was gnarly means....
it was weird.
It was beyond extreme.
it was disgusting.
10 of 10Choose the right answer:
In Orange County, a grip means...
A lot
Get a hold of yourself
An impending problem
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