QUIZ: How Well Do You Actually Know Huntington Beach Slang?

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Surf City USA!

How many of these Huntington Beach slang terms do you know? Take this fun and easy quiz to find out!!

 Aug 27, 2016
1 of 15Pick an answer!
What is a "GROM"?
a young surfer
a scuba diver
a professional surfer
2 of 15Pick an answer!
If you just started surfing you might be a...
3 of 15Pick an answer!
What is the tube or the curl of a wave called?
the barrel
the crest
the burn
4 of 15Pick an answer!
When something is "mental" it is...
5 of 15Pick an answer!
If you ride with your left leg forward then you are...
silly feets
Goofy foot
regular footed
6 of 15Pick an answer!
What does that dude was definitely "aggro" mean?
Extremely aggresive
Farmboy qualities
Agriculture student from CSUF
7 of 15Pick an answer!
Use "amped" in a sentence.
The surfer was amped when the shark bit him.
He flet amped and went to the doctor
She was amped after winning the surf competition
8 of 15Pick an answer!
Pick a definition for "bitchin'."
9 of 15Pick an answer!
What does "coffee brick" mean?
Having too much coffee
Famous coffee shop at the pier
Burnt coffee
10 of 15Pick an answer!
What does "clucked' mean?
Fell hard
Chickened out
11 of 15Pick an answer!
What does "glassy" refer to?
Someone who looks good in glasses
The absence of wind
Glad and Classy
12 of 15Pick an answer!
He went "groveling" after she gave him the boot means _______
dating immediately
he struggled
partying it up
13 of 15Pick an answer!
Look at this "grockle" over here means...
Poser surfer
HB Transplant
14 of 15Pick an answer!
What is "trunkin"?
To lay atop a vehicle
To surf in trunks
Night surfing
15 of 15Pick an answer!
The "green room" is so surreal means..
The enclosed area inside the curl of a wave
Speakeasy located in HB
The special effects room
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