Quiz: Only A True San Diego Local Can Ace This Slang Test

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"Where the turf meets the surf down at old Del Mar."

Take this fun and easy quiz to test your knowledge of San Diego slang! Are you from San Diego? Prove it

 Aug 24, 2016
1 of 12Pick one!
What two words make up "tryna"?
Truck niner
Try nada
Trying to
2 of 12Pick one!
"Good looks" is another way of saying...
Surf's up
You're hot
Sounds good
3 of 12Pick one!
What is "the Murph"?
Doing the skedaddle
Dive bar in La Jolla
Qualcomm Stadium
4 of 12Pick one!
If you are OTL you are...
Over the line
On the line
On time later
5 of 12Pick one!
If you are on storm watch, be careful, because...
A tsunami is coming
It may rain
The surf will be double overhead
6 of 12Pick one!
Surfers are "slotted" when...
Getting barreled
Wave conditions where the waves are generally weak
Getting smashed by a wave
7 of 12Pick one!
That was "rad"! Also means...
Refers to something awesome or amazing
When surf conditions are perfect
A beginner surfer
8 of 12Pick one!
Hoots used to encourage one to paddle into a heavy wave
Someone attending UCSD
Another word for beer
9 of 12Pick one!
If someone says, "I absolutely CRUSHED that burrito," they mean...
To eat with a fork and knife
To stamp on with their foot
To consume voraciously
10 of 12Pick one!
What is "OB"?
Ocean Beach
Wave obstacle
11 of 12Pick one!
If you root for "state" you support...
12 of 12Pick one!
What is "grip"?
Getting your priorities straight
To signify a large amount of something
Holding the surfboard
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