Quiz: Everyone Has An Emoji That Matches Their Personality - What's Yours?

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What's your signature emoji?

If you communicate in emojis, and you love personality quizzes, then this test is for you! Let's find out your signature emoji!

 Apr 26, 2018
1 of 18Pick one!
Of the following destinations listed, choose the one you'd go to first.
2 of 18Pick one!
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Check social media
Make the bed
Turn on the coffee machine
3 of 18Pick one!
What do you do to stay energized?
Just water
4 of 18Pick one!
Pick your favorite color from the ones listed.
5 of 18Pick one!
You consider yourself as:
An extrovert
An introvert
An ambivert
6 of 18Pick one!
At a party, you would typically be:
The social butterfly
The entertainer
The bartender
The quiet one
7 of 18Pick one!
You work most effective:
In groups
By yourself
8 of 18Pick one!
It's Friday night of the three day weekend. Where will you be?
At your neighborhood go-to bar
At home having a staycation
At the airport boarding for your short weekend getway
Spending time with the family
9 of 18Pick one!
How do you usually spend your free time?
Visiting family
Catching up on your favorite shows
Exploring the great outdoors
Reading a book
10 of 18Pick one!
Which of the following careers did you consider as a kid?
11 of 18Pick one!
Which of the following would your friends use to describe your work ethic?
12 of 18Pick one!
Which of the following cities can you picture yourself living in?
Los Angeles
New York
13 of 18Pick one!
If you had one of the following superpowers, which would you choose?
Stopping time
Reading someone's mind
Power of flight
14 of 18Pick one!
Would you rather:
Be the smartest person in the room
Be the funniest person in the room
15 of 18Pick one!
Would you rather:
Be a master chef
Be a well-known writer
16 of 18Pick one!
Pick your spirit animal.
17 of 18Pick one!
Which of the following would you want to know about the future?
Cause of death
Your true forever partner
Your retirement date
Time of death
18 of 18Pick one!
At this moment, which of the following is most important to you?
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