Quiz: Do You Know What These Latin Words Mean In English?

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Carpe diem!

If you know Latin or are familiar with most Latin phrases, then you need to take this quiz and put that knowledge to the test!

 May 18, 2018
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Latin is a classical language used in ancient Rome. Although it's primarily considered a 'dead language,' its presence in scholarship and administration is widely evident. Have you ever heard of the phrase, 'Carpe diem'? Well, that's latin! It means seize the day or seize the opportunity. If you're considering a career in law or politics, you've gotta know latin. Have you ever heard of a President's right to veto a law? Veto is latin for I forbid. During graduation, cum laude and summa cum laude are latin words too! If you're familiar with latin phrases, why don't you put your knowledge to the test with this quiz? Take it now, and see if you can ace it!