Quiz: Do You Know The Words To The 22 Most Commonly Miss-Sung Beatles Songs

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“The girl with colitis goes by.” Wait a minute.

Sometimes we hear things that aren't actually in songs. Find out how common it is for the most popular Beatles songs to be sung wrong.

 Oct 18, 2017
1 of 22Hey Jude!
And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, _____.
Stay sane
2 of 22Yesterday
Yesterday love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to ________.
go away
escape away
hide away
3 of 22Don't Let Me Down
It's a love that lasts forever. It's a love that had ____.
to last
no past
makes you wonder
4 of 22A Day in the Life
He blew his mind out in a car. He didn't notice that the ________ had changed.
bus lights
red lights
5 of 22Penny Lane
And all the people that come and go, Stop and say "______".
Here we go
Oh no
6 of 22Here Comes the Sun
_______, I feel that ice is slowly melting.
Oh my baby
Little girly
Little darling
7 of 22I Want to Hold Your Hand
Oh please say to me you'll let me _________.
be the one
be your man
be alone
8 of 22While My Guitar Gently Weeps
While my guitar gently weeps, I look at the floor and I see it needs _______.
9 of 22Eleonor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby, picks up the _____ in the church where a wedding has been.
10 of 22Revolution
We all want to change the world. You tell me that it's ________.
the only solution
your intention
11 of 22Come Together
He come groovin' up slowly. He got ______ eyeballs.
joo joo
12 of 22Love Is All You Need
Nothing you can say but you can learn how _______.
to win the battle
to play the game
to be forgiving
13 of 22Strawberry Fields Forever
Living is easy with eyes closed. _________ all you see.
14 of 22Blackbird
Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these ______ and learn to see.
black eyes
sunken eyes
lonely eyes
15 of 22She Loves You
You think you've lost your love well, I saw her ______.
with another dude
on a Monday
16 of 22In My Life
Some forever, not for______. Some have gone and some remain.
17 of 22We Can Work it Out
Life is very short, and there's no time for ______ and fighting, my friend.
18 of 22All My Loving
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you. Tomorrow I'll ______.
diss you
love you
miss you
19 of 22Yellow Submarine
So we sailed up to the sun till we found the sea of ______.
20 of 22I Saw Her Standing There
Well, my heart went _____ when I crossed that room.
21 of 22Love Me Do
Someone to love, Somebody ____, Someone to love, Someone like you.
22 of 22The Long and Winding Road
That the rain washed away has left a __________.
heart beating fast
puddle of mud
pool of tears
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The Beatles, love ‘em or hate ‘em they are one of the greatest bands of all time. John, Paul, George, and Ringo made up a dynamic foursome and changed music forever. They had some serious hits from “Hey Jude” to “Revolution”, their songs transcend time. Funny enough, your ears can play tricks on you when listening to The Beatles. There are a few tricky lyrics that sound like something completely different. Take this quiz to see if you can find the correct words in The Beatles famous songs. Only the truest and most dedicated fans will know the REAL lyrics. And hey, maybe you’re related to Paul and have to call him for help, it could be that hard. Or you could be breeze through it like Ringo on the drums. Pretend your a music producer working in London at Apple Studios and take whack at this quiz. Maybe your parents were huge fans and taught you everything you know about these Brits. Maybe you took a class in college appreciating the music and talent that came out of The Beatles. Maybe you think they are overrated and overplayed and are here to prove to everyone that even, YOU, know the correct answers. Who knows, you could be a Stella McCartney fan and had no idea her dad was a superstar. Maybe you love Yoko Ono and her outfits and you think she got blamed unfairly for the demise of the band. Do you miss John and wonder what he would have to say about politics today? Play The Beatles on Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes because it’s time to get a perfect score. So what are you waiting for? Start showing us your Beatles knowledge when it comes to the right lyrics.