Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Cop? These 18 Qs Will Tell.


Do you bleed blue?

 Mar 16, 2018

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What does DWI stand for?
Dancing while intoxicated
Driving while Intoxicated
Driving while interrogated

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During a run code, are the sirens on or off?

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What is police slang for arresting somebody?
Hooking them
Cooking them
Booking them

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If someone asks you for your 10-20, what do they want to find out?
The suspect's vehicle
Your location
Your precinct

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What's a cherry patch?
A place where civilians usually get tickets
A place where drug dealers congregate
A donut shop

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If a criminal gets 'skated,' this means:
Crime was covered up by an official
He/she was acquitted due to technicality
Roughed up unlawfully

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What is a 207?
Someone got kidnapped
A robbery is in progress
A police chase

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You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can and will be used against you in a ______.
Court of law

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The fourth amendment protects people from:
Illegal quartering
Illegal search and seizures

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Which amendment gives people the right to keep and bear arms?

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LVNR stands for Lateral Vascular _____ Restraint

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What does 'power up' mean?
Fill up on gas
Call for backup
Shine light in the suspect's eyes

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If you see a 502, that means:
Someone is breaking and entering
Someone is drunk driving
Someone is vandalizing

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Which of the following police scanner codes is used for lewd conduct?

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Police officers have a right to ask for your license and registration during a traffic stop.

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_____ is a reasonable belief that a person has committed or will commit a crime.
Circumstantial evidence
Probable cause

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Which amendment involves the Miranda rights?

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The doctrines Fruit of the Poisonous Tree and the Exclusionary Rule refer to:
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