If You Can Name These 18 Historical Events By Just 2 Words, Your IQ Is 150+

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Test you history wits with this fun and challenging quiz!

Certified history buffs will ace this quiz! If you've got a thing for history, then you will certainly love this quiz!

 Nov 03, 2017
WOMEN.COM | Quiz Facts

Calling all History buffs! Can you decipher a historical event with two word clues? If so, this is the place for you. At women.com we love quizzes and we know you will too! Think you can remember World War II? Think you can figure it out with just two words? We have 18 historical questions for you to figure out, in a tricky and fun manner. Whether you were a history major in college or a High School history teacher for twenty years, see how smart you are by acing this quiz. If you're a student, this is a perfect way to take a break from your studies, while still studying! If you're a teacher, you can show your students that history can be fun, and how important it is to remember all the facts and information. If you love movies like National Treasure, then this is a little treasure just for you. History is incredibly important to society so by taking this you're bettering yourself and those around you! If you think it's too easy, take it again but faster! If you think it's too hard, grab a friend and work together. Take a break from your busy life, escape from the stresses of your day, and sit back with a nice, interesting, brain-busting quiz. John F. Kennedy would want you to do it! And if you love this quiz so much, feel free to share it with your friends. Show your Mom you still got it! Brag to your brother that he's not the only smarty-pants in town. Share it with your ex-partner to show them that HA! They lost a good one!!! So, come on! What are you waiting for? Dive into this history quiz that only gives you two hints!

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