If You Can Name These 18 Historical Events By Just 2 Words, Your IQ Is 150+

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 Nov 03, 2017
1 of 18Pick one!
Territory. France.
The Vietnam War
Louisiana Purchase
Rise of Hitler
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First. Moon.
Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Apollo 11
Barack Obama becomes U.S President
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Pearl Harbor.
Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Watergate scandal
Cold War
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Hilter. Holocaust.
Cold War
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1989. Collapse.
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Thriller becomes best-selling album of all time
Death of John Lennon
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Wright Brothers.
Invention of electricity
The Great Depression
First successful airplane
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Airplane. Terrorist.
Emancipation Proclamation
Boston Tea Party
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Dealey Plaza
Assassination of John F. Kennedy
MLK's I Have a Dream Speech
Death of Princess Diana
9 of 18Pick one!
Earth. Satellite.
Founding of NASA
Sputnik 1
Apollo 11
10 of 18Pick one!
Richard Nixon.
Teapot Dome
Watergate scandal
Monica Lewinsky scandal
11 of 18Pick one!
19th Amendment.
Right to bear arms
Freedom of speech
Women's right to vote
12 of 18Pick one!
Iceberg. Ship.
Sinking of the Titanic
The Mayflower arrives at Plymouth Rock
Christopher Columbus explores the new world
13 of 18Pick one!
Colonies. British.
Civil War
9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Revolutionary War
14 of 18Pick one!
Bus. Segregation.
Death of Mahatma Ghandi
Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus
15 of 18Pick one!
Texas. Mexico.
Battle of the Alamo
American Civil War
Treaty of Vienna
16 of 18Pick one!
Johannes Gutenberg
Beginning of aviation
Invention of the printing press
Founding of the Lutheran Church
17 of 18Pick one!
Agent Orange.
Vietnam War
Boston marathon shooting
Woodstock Festival
18 of 18Pick one!
Emancipation Proclamation.
World War I
Signing of the U.S Constitution
End of slavery
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