Quiz: If You Can Name All 50 Of These Women In 3 Min, You've Got A 150 IQ

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"Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

Think you know all the famous ladies in History? If you're all about girl power, you should take this quiz!

 Jun 30, 2020

1 of 50Pick one!

Meryl Streep
Jackie Kennedy
Hilary Clinton

2 of 50Pick one!

elizabeth taylor
Mary Walters
Elizabeth Taylor
Marian Hayes

3 of 50Pick one!

Google Images
Michelle Obama
Susan B. Anthony

4 of 50Pick one!

Helen Keller
Giada de Laurentiis
Anne Frank

5 of 50Pick one!

Tina Turner

6 of 50Pick one!

Susan B Anthony
Rosa Parks
Lucille Ball
Susan B. Anthony

7 of 50Pick one!

Hilary Clinton, politicians, Female, politics, celebs
Hillary Clinton
Ivanka Trump
Susan Nero

8 of 50Pick one!

abigail adams
Winona Ryder
Maria Shriver
Abigail Adams

9 of 50Pick one!

Shirley Temple, old hollywood, celebs
Miley Cyrus
Annie Hall
Shirley Temple

10 of 50Pick one!

Sandra Day O'connor
Rosie O'Donnell
Angela Lansbury
Sandra Day O' Connor

11 of 50Pick one!

Helen Keller
Marie Antoinette
Helen Keller
Anne of Green Gables

12 of 50Pick one!

Rosa Parks
Marcia Clark
Rosa Parks
J.K Rowling

13 of 50Pick one!

billie jean king
Billie Jean King
Anna Kournikova
Alison Janney

14 of 50Pick one!

oprah, wisdom, history, quotes, culture, politics, movies/tv, career
Gayle King

15 of 50Pick one!

frances perkins
Diane Feinstein
Frances Perkins
Maria Sharapova

16 of 50Pick one!

sally ride
Carly Fiorina
Betty Ford
Sally Ride

17 of 50Pick one!

Jeannette Rankin
Alice Paul
Eleanor Roosevelt

18 of 50Pick one!

Billie Holiday, history, singer, celebs, pop culture
Wikimedia Commons
Billie Holiday

19 of 50Pick one!

wilma rudolph
Venus Williams
Wilma Rudolph
Billie Jean King

20 of 50Pick one!

amelia earhart
Wikimedia Commons
Amelia Earhart
Sally Ride
Portia de Rossi

21 of 50Pick one!

Alfred Hitchcock, grace kelly, Rear Window, movies/tv, celebs
Paramount Pictures
Grace Kelly
Tricia Alton
Ava Gardner

22 of 50Pick one!

Margaret Sanger
Sally Fields
Margaret Sanger
Anna Wintour

23 of 50Pick one!

audrey hepburn, old hollywood, celebs
Audrey Hepburn
Ingrid Bergman
Sophia Loren

24 of 50Pick one!

gloria steinem
Wikimedia Commons
Sarah Schwartz
Gloria Steinem
Lisa Lopez

25 of 50Pick one!

princess diana
ABC News
Grace Kelly
Frida Kahlo
Princess Diana

26 of 50Pick one!

katherine hepburn, actress, oldie
Bette Davis
Ingrid Bergman
Katharine Hepburn

27 of 50Pick one!

Nina Simone
Nina Simone
Carly Rae Jepsen

28 of 50Pick one!

harry potter, jk rowling, hogwarts, houses, slytherin, gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff
J.K. Rowling
Amelia Earhart
Jennifer Gardner

29 of 50Pick one!

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria II
Princess Diana

30 of 50Pick one!

yoko ono
Yoko Ono
Priyanka Chopra
Maggie Q

31 of 50Pick one!

harriet tubman, Slavery, underground railroad, culture
Wikimedia Commons
Harriet Tubman
Wanda Sykes
Sojourner Truth

32 of 50Pick one!

Aretha Franklin, queen of soul, celebs, Music
Tina Turner
Aretha Franklin
Paula Abdul

33 of 50Pick one!

lucille ball, old hollywood, celebs
Patty Smith
Lucille Ball
Kim Barnes

34 of 50Pick one!

Wikimedia Commons
Joan of Arc

35 of 50Pick one!

madeleine albright
Madeleine Albright
Sophia Turner
Nancy Crossman

36 of 50Pick one!

louisa may alcott
Joan of Arc
Mary Magdalene
Louisa May Alcott

37 of 50Pick one!

Mother Teresa
Christie Brinkley
Joan of Arc
Mother Theresa

38 of 50Pick one!

Columbia Pictures
Eva Longoria
Ingrid Bergman
Denise Richards

39 of 50Pick one!

margaret thatcher
Wikimedia Commons
Martha Washington
Meryl Streep
Margaret Thatcher

40 of 50Choose one!

Mary Poppins, Disney
Walt Disney Productions
Sylvia Plath
Christiane Amanpour
Julie Andrews

41 of 50Pick one!

fashion, culture
Patricia Lee
Coco Chanel
Kelly Ly

42 of 50Pick one!

jane goodal
Nancy Reagan
Jane Goodall
Diane Feinstein

43 of 50Pick one!

betty white, celebs
Betty White
Bette Middler
Betty Davis

44 of 50Pick one!

ruth bader ginsburg
Gabrielle Giffords
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Barbara Franklin

45 of 50Pick one!

Marie Antoinette
Wikimedia Commons
Queen Victoria
Marie Antoinette
Erin Andrews

46 of 50Pick one!

movies/tv, celebs
Agnes Woodbury
Meryl Streep
Carmen Elektra

47 of 50Pick one!

serena williams, sports, tennis
Missy Franklin
Lisa Leslie
Serena Williams

48 of 50Pick one!

Marie Curie
Rachel Green
Amy Adams

49 of 50Pick one!

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
Whoopi Goldberg
Oprah Winfrey

50 of 50Pick one!

Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe
Ingrid Bergman
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