Quiz: Can You Name All 25 Of These 50s Icons?

hair color, blonde, brunette, red head, redhead, I Love Lucy, marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn, lucille ball

How well do you know the fabulous fifties?

If you live for the 50s, then this quiz is right up your alley! It was the decade that gave us fabulous icons like Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball!

 Feb 25, 2018

1 of 25Name The Icon!

I Love Lucy, lucille ball, old fashioned, history, old, juju
CBS Television Distribution
Lucille Ball
Sandra Day
Elizabeth Taylor

2 of 25Name The Icon!

elvis, ps, SC, quiz, Music, rock
Lou Diamond Phillips
Ritchie Valens
Elvis Presley

3 of 25Name The Icon!

elizabeth taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Mia Farrow
Patti Labelle

4 of 25Name The Icon!

james dean
Anthony Hopkins
James Dean
Eli Franco

5 of 25Name The Icon!

frank sinatra
Marvin Gaye
Ray Charles
Frank Sinatra

6 of 25Name The Icon!

Sanra O'Connor
Farrah Faucet
Doris Day

7 of 25Name The Icon!

John Wayne
Luke Austin
John Wayne
Jimmy John

8 of 25Name The Icon!

Jonathan Coolidge
Dwight Eisenhower
Harry Truman

9 of 25Name The Icon!

Buddy Holly, 1950s, black and white, rock and roll, celebs, Music, pop culture
James Dean
Ray Charles
Buddy Holly

10 of 25Name The Icon!

Ella Fitzgerald
Simone Biles
Ella Fitzgerald
Aretha Franklin

11 of 25Name The Icon!

Frank Sinatra
Marvin Gaye
Ray Charles

12 of 25Name The Icon!

marilyn monroe, beauty, blond, queen, mar, juju, history, usa, US, america, good, happy, baby boomers
Audrey Hepburn
Elizabeth Taylor
Marilyn Monroe

13 of 25Name The Icon!

John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson

14 of 25Name The Icon!

martin luther king
Malcom X
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nelson Mandela

15 of 25Name The Icon!

grace kelley
Jane Mansfield
Ingrid Bergman
Grace Kelly

16 of 25Name The Icon!

movies/tv, celebs
Kim Novak
Doris Day
Katharine Hepburn

17 of 25Name The Icon!

movies/tv, classic, celebs
Warner Bros. Studio
Linda McShan
Debbie Reynolds
Carrie Fisher

18 of 25Name The Icon!

classic movies, celebs
Shirley Maclaine
Grace Kelly
Jane Russell

19 of 25Name The Icon!

dorothy dandrige
Ruffa Mae
Patti Labelle
Dorothy Dandridge

20 of 25Name The Icon!

ruby dee
Lynn Whitfield
Tina Turner
Ruby Dee

21 of 25Name The Icon!

classic, eva marie saint, blond, shocked, confused, North by Northwest, juju
Eva Marie Saint
Christy Lee
Donna Summers

22 of 25Name The Icon!

thelma ritter
Ethel Mertz
Thelma Ritter
Bette Davis

23 of 25Name The Icon!

roman holiday, audrey hepburn
Sasha Fox
Audrey Hepburn
Elizabeth Taylor

24 of 25Name The Icon!

Cary Grant, old hollywood, celebs
Rock Hudson
Cary Grant
James Stewart

25 of 25Name The Icon!

movies/tv, classic movies, celebs
Olivia de Havilland
Vivien Leigh
Joan Crawford
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