Quiz: Can You Answer These 22 Questions Every Pilot Should Know?

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Do you have the need for speed or will you come crashing down to earth?

Only a trained pilot could answer these questions. See if you can "take off" on this quiz with your pilot knowledge!

 Oct 13, 2017
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Which of the following is NOT one of the documents needed on an international cross-country flight?
Crew Licenses
Certificate of airworthiness
Certificate of Maintenance
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What is the smallest plane created?
Bede BD-5
Boeing 757
Tiny 251
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What is absolute altitude?
The horizontal distance of the aircraft
The amount of altitude in the world
The distance of the aircraft above the surface
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A stable air mass is most likely described as what?
Poor surface visibility
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What types of fog depend upon wind in order to exist?
Spooky fog & ice fog
Advection fog & upslope fog
Steam & ground fog
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What does AIM stand for?
Aeronautical Information Manual
Air Interpol Manual
Aerospace Intelligent Men
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The E6B flight computer is also known as:
Airplane dial
Whiz wheel
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As a pilot, where would you go to get your official weather briefing?
Direct User Access Terminal Service or "DUATS"
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What does NOTAM stand for?
Notice to Airmen
Notice to All Mamas
Notice to Air Major
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Where does the pilot control the aircraft?
Pilot's deck
Frontal Craft
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What does FAR stand for?
Federal Aviation Regulation
Freaky Aviator Reputation
Fair Aviation Rules
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When balancing the weight of the plane, what is the heaviest thing that is usually shifted around?
The battery
Airplane food
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How long does it take to become a pilot?
10 years
6 months
3-5 years
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Who gives pilots clearance for takeoff and landing?
Senior stewardess
Air traffic controller
Airport security
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What does VFR stand for?
Very Fine Reins
Visual Flight Rules
Viral Federal Rules
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What does DEP stand for?
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Which of the following kitchen terms refer to the area where the aircraft is parked?
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What is the slang term for another pilot?
Jack Jack
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The G in GMT, which was used as the international civil time standard, stands for:
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Which houses the flight recording data?
Black box
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_____ refers to when pilots and crew check on each other’s tasks to verify them.
High five
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____ is a measurement of speed relative to the speed of sound in air.
Mach number
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