Quiz: Can You Answer These 18 Questions From 18 Different Subjects?

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Are you a true scholar?

General questions quizzes are always tricky. It can cover anything and everything under the sun. Can you answer all of these?

 Feb 21, 2018

1 of 18Choose one!

Hermione, Ron, and Harry all went to:
Sweet Valley High

2 of 18Choose one!

Entomology is the science that studies:
Cellular movement

3 of 18Choose one!

What is the capital of California?
San Francisco

4 of 18Choose one!

Which country did the Magna Carta originate in?

5 of 18Choose one!

Which of the following is not considered an Ivy League University?
Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania
Cornell University

6 of 18Choose one!

In ancient Egypt, people shaved their eyebrows when a ___ dies.

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Which of the following films won the most Oscars?
The English Patient
West Side Story

8 of 18Choose one!

Where can you find the statue Christ the Redeemer?

9 of 18Choose one!

What's the correct version of this often mis-quoted Star Wars quote?
"No, I am your father."
"Luke, I am your father."
"Luke, I, Darth Vader, am your father."

10 of 18Choose one!

What color would you get by mixing yellow and blue?

11 of 18Choose one!

The United States shares a border with _____ and _____.
Cuba, Canada
Mexico, Brazil
Mexico, Canada

12 of 18Choose one!

Walter White is the main character of which of the following shows?
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead

13 of 18Choose one!

_____ are high in vitamin A, a nutrient essential for good vision.

14 of 18Choose one!

What is the official language of Brazil?

15 of 18Choose one!

Which of the following films was not directed by Stanley Kubrick?
2001: A Space Odyssey
Apocalypse Now
A Clockwork Orange

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What animal is represented in the Cancer zodiac sign?

17 of 18Choose one!

What is a "normal" resting heartbeat?
60-100 beats per minute (bpm)
30-60 beats per minute (bpm)
100-140 beats per minute (bpm)

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What falling object is said to have inspired Isaac Newton's theories about gravity?
Bowling Ball
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