Quiz: Can You Answer 22 History Questions Every American Should Get?


Are you a history buff?

Test/ quiz to challenge your historical knowledge. American history, European history, Asian history, and more.

 Jun 10, 2017
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Which country was the leading communist in the Cold War?
North Korea
The Soviet Union
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Benjamin Franklin is noted for all of the following achievements except
Playing the piano
Inventing the glass harmonica
Being a founder of the University of Pennsylvania
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Who invented the lightbulb?
Thomas Edison
Leonardo Da Vinci
George Washington
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Which English king was known for beheading his ex-wives?
John the Baptist
Henry the Eighth
King Ferdinand
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When did the Boston Tea Party occur?
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Which of the following is NOT an original 13 colony?
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In which continent did the Renaissance occur?
South America
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In Virginia in 1620, what was used for money?
9 of 22Pick one!
How many U.S. presidents have been assassinated while in office?
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Which of the following colleges were founded during the colonial period?
11 of 22Pick one!
When was George Washington first elected President?
12 of 22Pick one!
What was the first successful British colony in America?
Jamestown, Virginia
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
13 of 22Pick one!
"Freedom of Speech" is addressed in the:
9th amendment
2nd amendment
1st amendment
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Which theatre were Shakespeare's plays performed in?
The Rose Theatre
The Chinese Theatre
The Globe Theatre
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What was the main occupation of colonists in the New World?
16 of 22Pick one!
Independence Day is ______
January 1st
July 4th
October 31st
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On what peninsula in Washington would you find the Olympic Mountains?
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What was the main reason for the spread of the Black Plague?
19 of 22Pick one!
What is the capital of Illinois?
20 of 22Pick one!
Who said "Give me liberty or give me death"?
Patrick Henry
George W. Bush
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The Missouri Compromise was the act that:
Settled the boundary dispute between Missouri and Kansas
Admitted Maine into the Union as a free state and Missouri as a slave state
Funded the Lewis and Clark expedition on the upper Missouri River
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The Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln stated that:
Slaves were free in areas of the Confederate states not held by the Union
The slave trade was illegal
Slavery was abolished in the Union
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