Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every "Pretty Woman" Fan Should Know

pretty woman
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"Keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'."

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 Dec 19, 2016
1 of 22Pick one!
According to Edward, how much is the necklace worth?
2 of 22Pick one!
What is seen in the opening scene?
A flashback of Edward's dad
Knee-high leather boots
A magician doing a coin trick
3 of 22Pick one!
Who does Edward work for?
Lewis Enterprises
Goldman Sachs
Fitzgerald Holdings
4 of 22Pick one!
What was Vivian pertaining to when she said "slippery little suckers"?
5 of 22Pick one!
Which sitcom was Vivian watching at the hotel?
I Love Lucy
Beverly Hillbillies
6 of 22PIck one!
While on a shopping spree, Vivian orders a:
Bacon cheeseburger
7 of 22Pick one!
What color limo does Edward pop out of?
8 of 22Pick one!
What music does Edward play outside Viv's apartment?
La Traviata
La Boheme
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
9 of 22Pick one!
In the bathtub scene, Vivian is listening to:
"Like a Virgin"
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
10 of 22Pick one!
How much did Vivian charge Edward for the week's worth of company?
11 of 22Pick one:
Complete the line: V - "You're late." E - "You're Stunning." V - "___________"
Yeah right!
Thank you.
You're forgiven.
12 of 22Pick one!
Where did Edward find Vivian?
Sunset strip
Hollywood Blvd
Silver Lake
13 of 22Pick one!
According to Vivian, _____ was too personal.
Childhood stories
14 of 22Pick one!
What was the color of Vivian's dress at the opera?
15 of 22Pick one!
Vivian: "I want the ______."
Fairy tale
Man of my dreams
The whole she-bang!
16 of 22Pick one!
Who helped Vivian shop for new clothes?
17 of 22Pick one!
What car was Edward driving in the movie?
Aston Martin
18 of 22Pick one!
"Be still like vegetables. Lay like ______."
19 of 22Pick one!
What is Edward's special gift?
Hard negotiation
Taste in Women
Impossible relationships
20 of 22Pick one!
What should you avoid during the stomping of the divots?
Steaming divots
21 of 22Pick one!
What is the name of the nightclub at the beginning of the film?
Saddle Ranch
Blue Banana
Wolf and Crane
22 of 22Pick one!
Laura San Giacomo plays which character in the movie?
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