Most Baby Boomers Cant Name Every One Of These Nostalgic TV Shows. Can You?


Are you a certified couch potato?

If you love 90s sitcoms, you will do well on this quiz! If you watch a lot of television, you'll ace this quiz!

 Mar 05, 2019

1 of 40Choose one!
A Family Affair
Everybody Hates Chris
Family Matters

2 of 40Choose one!

The Brady Bunch via ABC
That 70's Show
The Brady Brunch
Full House

3 of 40Choose one!

CBS Paramount Television
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

4 of 40Choose one!
Will and Grace
Everybody Loves Raymond

5 of 40Choose one!

Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Love and Marriage
Full House
The Nanny

6 of 40Choose one!

Castle Rock Entertainment
Melrose Place

7 of 40Choose one!

Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Saved by the Bell
Family Matters

8 of 40Choose one!
The Love Boat

9 of 40Choose one!
That 70s Show
The Partridge Family
Big Love

10 of 40Choose one!

Via The CW
Pretty Little Liars
The Gilmore Girls
Sweet Valley High

11 of 40Choose one!

Columbia Pictures Television
Modern Family
The Partridge Family
The Brady Bunch

12 of 40Choose one!

The Cosby Show
Cagney and Lacey

13 of 40Choose one!
Growing Pains
Home Improvement
Full House

14 of 40Choose one!
That's So Raven
Boy Meets World
Brotherly Love

15 of 40Choose one!

Universal Television
Magnum, P.I.
Miami Vice

16 of 40Choose one!
Diff'rent Strokes
Family Matters
The Jeffersons

17 of 40Choose one!
The Beverly Hillbillies

18 of 40Choose one!

via ABC
The Wonder Years
Full House
The Partridge Family

19 of 40Choose one!
The Facts of Life
Mork & Mindy
Happy Days

20 of 40Choose one!

The Golden Girls
Family Ties
I Love Lucy

21 of 40Choose one!

Will and Grace

22 of 40Choose one!

NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Back to the Future
Miami Vice
Knight Rider

23 of 40Choose one!

Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Bosom Buddies
Night Court

24 of 40Choose one!
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
How to Get Away with Murder
Murder She Wrote

25 of 40Choose one!
My So-Called Life
Boy Meets World
Saved by the Bell

26 of 40Choose one!
That 70s Show

27 of 40Choose one!
Married with Children
The Jeffersons

28 of 40Choose one!
21 Jump Street
Hill Street Blues

29 of 40Choose one!
Judge Judy
Murphy Brown
Nightly News

30 of 40Choose one!
Family Ties
Good Times
All in the Family

31 of 40Choose one!

Warner Bros. Television
My Two Dads
Sex and the City
Designing Women

32 of 40Choose one!

CBS Television
The Odd Couple

33 of 40Choose one!
Growing Pains
Happy Days
Cosby Show

34 of 40Choose one!
The Muppet Show
Sesame Street

35 of 40Choose one!
The Bob Newhart Show
Mork and Mindy
Sanford and Son

36 of 40Choose one!

Worldvision Enterprises CBS Television Distribution
Little House on the Prairie
Xena Warrior Princess

37 of 40Choose one!
The Odd Couple
Miami Vice

38 of 40Choose one!
The Golden Girls
Three's Company
Charlie's Angels

39 of 40Choose one!
Will and Grace

40 of 40Choose one!

Sony Pictures Television
Twin Peaks
The OC
Dawson's Creek
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