Quiz: Can You Actually Get A 10/12 On This Test? A Firefighter Could!

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 Oct 22, 2017
1 of 15Question 15
What document is posted for the purpose of setting goals and priorities in the fire service?
NFA Brief
Firefighter's Pledge
Mission Statement
2 of 15Question 14
In NFPA, what does P stand for?
3 of 15Question 13
What is the maximum number of people one supervisor can manage at an emergency scene?
4 of 15Question 12
What is the common name of a standard operating unit of working people in the fire service?
5 of 15Question 11
Who is the person in charge at all emergency scenes?
The Fire Chief
Captain on Duty
The Incident Commander
6 of 15Question 10
Which of the following companies carry hoseline?
Engine Co.
Fire Co.
Truck Co.
7 of 15Question 9
What does SCBA stand for?
Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
Safety, Caution, Buffer, Act
Safety, Cover, Barrier, Approach
8 of 15Question 8
In RIC, what does I stand for?
9 of 15Question 7
Which of the following tactics requires no additional personnel or equipment to set up and maintain?
Natural ventilation
Positive-pressure ventilation
Hydraulic ventilation
10 of 15Question 6
A direct attack on the fire using a solid or straight stream uses water most efficiently on:
Shielded fires
Unprotected exposures
Fuel-controlled fires
11 of 15Question 5
Which technique is effective when faced with a shielded fire?
Gas cooling
Exposure protection
Direct attack
12 of 15Question 4
The most important weather-related influence on tactical ventilation is:
13 of 15Question 3
Which artery should first responders use to check the pulse rate of an infant?
Radial artery
Brachial artery
Femoral artery
14 of 15Question 2
A patient without a pulse requires the first responder to start:
Finger sweeps
Abdominal thrusts
15 of 15Question 1
_____ pressure is pressure in the water distribution system when no hydrants or water is flowing.
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