Quiz: Can You Ace The Ultimate "Sixteen Candles" Challenge?

sixteen candles

"Chronologically, you're sixteen today. Physically, you're still fifteen. Hopeless."

Movie quiz about Sixteen Candles, the hit John Hughes movie starring Molly Ringwald. How well do you remember this classic?

 Jun 16, 2016
1 of 12Why did Samantha's family forget her 16th birthday?
sixteen candles
They had the dates mixed up.
Her sister was getting married the next day.
She made them promise not to celebrate it.
2 of 12According to the sex quiz, Samantha is saving herself for _____.
sixteen candles
Jake Ryan
Jake Michael
Jake Christopher
3 of 12What's unique about Marlene "Lumberjack"?
sixteen candles
She's part of mensa
She's extremely tall
She has a neck brace
4 of 12What did Samantha loan "The Geek" so he can win his bet with his friends?
sixteen candles
Her panties
Her bra
Her pantyhose
5 of 12What did Bryce and his crew want for the peepshow?
sixteen candles
6 of 12What does Jake loan Ted to drive home?
sixteen candles
A Rolls Royce
A bike
A horse
7 of 12Who is Jake's girlfriend?
sixteen candles
Long Duk Dong
8 of 12How long did it take Long Duk Dong to find a girlfriend at the dance?
sixteen candles
5 hours
He never gets a girlfriend
5 minutes
9 of 12How many muscle relaxers did Ginny take on the day of her wedding?
sixteen candles
10 of 12Farmer Ted is also known as ____.
sixteen candles
The Jock
The Smart Aleck
The Geek
11 of 12Do Samantha's parents ever remember her birthday?
sixteen candles
Yes, but months later
Nope, never
12 of 12How does Jake Ryan celebrate Samantha's birthday?
sixteen candles
Taking her back to his house and gives her a birthday cake
Giving her a card
Take her to Chucky Cheese
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