Quiz: Can You Ace This 25 Question Midwestern Slang Mega Quiz?

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Can you keep up with Midwestern talk?

Test your knowledge of the idioms and regional expressions of the Midwestern United States with this fun trivia quiz.

 Jul 13, 2017
1 of 25Pick one!
What is a 'bubbler'?
Drinking fountain
Stomach ache
2 of 25Pick one!
In the Midwest, 'concrete' refers to ______________.
Construction material
An actual fact
Ice cream
3 of 25Pick one!
What's a 'hair binder'?
A curling iron
A ponytail
A disturbing event
4 of 25Pick one!
What do Midwesterners call a casserole?
A baked dish
A hot dish
A casserole
5 of 25Pick one!
What does it mean when someone asks, 'Jeet'?
Did you eat?
Did they leave?
You wanna go?
6 of 25Pick one!
What is a 'meat raffle'?
A ticket number at a butcher shop
An event where someone can win a lot of meat
Free meat day
7 of 25Pick one!
What's the Midwestern version of 'tough luck'?
Tough fortune
Tough grapes
Tough tomatoes
8 of 25Pick one!
Which of the following is a statement used in the Midwest to convey excitement?
So excited!
Oh, for fun!
9 of 25Pick one!
If you're 'schnookered,' you must be:
In love
10 of 25Pick one!
What are 'pasties'?
Cover-ups worn over a swimsuit
Meat pies
11 of 25Pick one!
What would you call Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc. in the Midwest?
12 of 25Pick one!
What is the Midwest's version of 'Duck Duck Goose'?
Duck Duck Big Bird
Duck Duck Parrot
Duck Duck Gray Duck
13 of 25Pick one!
What would you call a traffic light?
Stop and go lights
Red, yellow, and green
Road lights
14 of 25Pick one!
'Uff da' is used to express
15 of 25Pick one!
Which of the following expresses enthusiastic agreement?
Don't cha know!
You betcha!
16 of 25Pick one!
Which of these is a Midwestern party game involving tossing items at a target?
Hide N Seek
17 of 25Pick one!
What's 'puppychow'?
Chump change
Dog food
18 of 25Pick one!
Who do call a Green Bay Packers fan?
Cheese head
19 of 25Pick one!
In the Midwest, 40-degree weather is considered:
Barbecue season
Shorts weather
20 of 25Pick one!
What do you call a burnt-out headlight?
Pirate eye
Busted light
21 of 25Pick one!
What does it mean when someone says, 'he's got the holler tail'?
He's popular with girls.
He's rich and generous.
He's feeling under the weather.
22 of 25Pick one!
What do Midwesterners call a vacuum cleaner?
Electric broom
23 of 25Pick one!
Midwesterners call sneakers:
Tennis shoes
Rubber shoes
24 of 25Pick one!
What is a 'juke'?
A dance move
A cheat code
25 of 25Pick one!
What do you say when you're trying to show someone up?
Show up!
Get outta here!
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