Quiz: Can We Guess Your Parenting Style Based On These 16 Questions?


Take this quiz to decode your parenting style!

If you have kids, then you should definitely take this quiz! If you're new to parenting, then you'll definitely love this quiz!

 Aug 13, 2017
1 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following can your kids share with you?
Embarrassing stories about their best friend.
Their love life.
The first sexual experience.
2 of 16Choose one!
If your child consistently fails his/her exams, what would you do?
Limit Internet and phone time.
Hire a tutor.
Study the material with them.
3 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following will you not allow your 11-year old daughter to wear?
A mesh t-shirt.
Booty shorts
4 of 16Choose one!
What's the proper curfew for a 15-year old?
5 of 16Choose one!
You found their diary. What will you do?
Leave it alone.
Tell them to pick a better hiding place.
Browse through it.
6 of 16Choose one!
What's your take on the boyfriend rule?
Only allowed after high school graduation.
No boys before BS.
No age requirement as long as he's introduced to the family.
7 of 16Choose one!
What did you get in trouble for the most when you were growing up?
Breaking or losing things.
Coming home past curfew.
8 of 16Choose one!
What's the one thing you wish you could discuss freely with your parents?
Love life
Sex life
9 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following situations would constitute proper grounding?
Setting the carpet on fire.
Crashing the car.
Sneaking in a significant other in the bedroom.
10 of 16Choose one!
How are good grades rewarded?
A new gadget!
Allowance increase
A pat on the shoulder and daily praise.
11 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following is an appropriate graduation gift?
New laptop
A trip overseas with the family
12 of 16Choose one!
If you allowed one party to be thrown in your house, which would it be?
18th birthday party
Graduation party
13 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following shows do you relate to the most?
Full House
Everybody Loves Raymond
Family Matters
14 of 16Choose one!
Before you had kids, how many did you want?
2 or more
at least 4
15 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following news would you rather deliver to your parents?
'I scrape the side of the car from making a wide left turn.'
'I accidentally knock over the urn.'
'I failed Calculus.'
16 of 16Choose one!
What game did you play the most as a kid?
Tea time
Hide N' Seek
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