Quiz: Can We Guess What Kind Of Car You Drive Based On These Random Q's?

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You are what you drive.

Take this fun personality quiz and see if we can guess what kind of car you drive based on your answers to these questions!

 May 19, 2018

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After you turn off the alarm, which of the following do you do next?
Make the bed
Check email
Go to the bathroom

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How long does it generally take you to get ready in the morning?
30-45 minutes
15-20 minutes
At least an hour

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When do you fill up on gas?
When the light goes on
Right before the light goes off
Once you pass the halfway point

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What's the most 'road rage' you've ever gotten?
Tailgate someone
Give someone a finger
Give someone a look of disgust
Excessive honking

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Which of the following pisses you off the most?
Slow drivers
Bumper to bumper traffic
Someone who cuts you off

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Which of the following tickets have you received in the last 6 months?
Busted tail light
None mentioned
All mentioned

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Do you often go above the speed limit?

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Do you often go above the speed limit?

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Do you eat in your car?
Only if the food item is not 'messy' or crumbly

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What do you have hanging from your rearview mirror?
Car freshener
Parking permit

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What color is your car?

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How many destinations do you have on a typical day?
Just work and home
4 or more
At least 3

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Which of the following would you consider a necessity?
Rearview camera
Moon roof
Heated seats

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On road trips, do you usually end up driving?

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Which of the following destinations would you pick for your next vacation?

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Do you currently drive for a ridesharing app?

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If your best friend were asked, which of the following would they use to describe you?

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How many accidents have you had in the last year?
Only 1
A couple fender benders
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