Quiz: Are You Savvy Enough To Ace This Street Smarts Challenge?

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You may be book smart, but are you street smart?

If you love general knowledge challenges, then you will ace this quiz with no difficulty! Go ahead and put your street-smart knowledge to the test!

 May 13, 2018
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A lot of people brag about having book smarts, but how many brag about having street smarts? It's hard to definitively say which kind of smarts is better than the other. Ideally, both street smarts and book smarts together would make the greatest pair. However, do you think you've got all the knowledge of the streets? Are you smart, prepared and in control of every day situations and problems? Do you always know where you can or can't park, what the speed limit is, what to do in the case of a rabid animal, or what clothes you can or can't bleach? Not everyone does! Maybe you've got a lot of experience with these things, or you might just have an affinity for being calm and assured in yourself. Prove that you've got it all under control and the best street smarts out there with this 18 question quiz. You just might be able to beat all the people out there with their book smarts. Take this quiz for the chance to prove your street smarts!

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