Quiz: Are You Kentucky Enough To Pass This 16 Question Culture Challenge?

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Do you go crazy for the boys in blue?

If you grew up in Kentucky, you'll definitely ace this quiz! If you're a Cardinal's fan, you'll love this quiz!

 Oct 17, 2017
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____________ is the most popular genre of music in Kentucky.
Blue grass
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What's your preferred drink on a hot summer day?
Mint Julep
Moscow mule
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This traditional Kentucky spicy stew contains at least 3 different types of meat, veggies, and is served with corn bread:
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What is a Wild Turkey?
Turkey leg sold at fairs
Nickname for a crazy person
A type of whiskey
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Which song originated from Kentucky?
Merry Christmas
Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Happy Birthday to You
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The correct pronunciation of Louisville is:
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What's an Ale-8?
A non-alcoholic beer
Root beer
Ginger ale
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Kentucky is known as the ______ state.
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Did KFC actually start in Kentucky?
Yes of course!
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What's in an Arnold Palmer?
Sweet tea and lemonade
Guiness and irish cream
Orange juice and vodka
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Which of the following legends is from the great state of Kentucky?
Michael Jordan
Drew Brees
Muhammad Ali
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This open faced turkey sandwich with bacon is considered Kentucky's most popular dish!
Hot brown
Hot dish
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Every year, the Kentucky Derby is held during which month?
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True or False: All bourbon is whiskey.
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What's a cicada?
An alcoholic drink
A small pony
An insect
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Kentucky is the birthplace of which U.S President?
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Ronald Reagan
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Saddle up! It’s time to prove your knowledge about Kentucky! This great state might be known for it’s Fried Chicken, the Derby, tobacco, moonshine, and coal but only the smartest know a lot more! If you know the proper way to pronounce Louisville or what famous president was born in KT then you’ll get a perfect score. If you know nothing about Kentucky, fear not, this is your opportunity to learn about a new state in the good ‘ol US of A! Did you know? KT ranks 4th “among U.S. state in the number of automobiles and trucks assembled”. So you know where to go if you want a car built and assembled domestically. And let’s not forget, bourbon whiskey calls Kentucky home. Kentucky is filled with culture, from horse racing and country music to literary achievement! Additionally, people from KT love sports, especially football. You’re not a true resident if you don’t root for Kentucky Wildcats! Oddly enough, the state drink is milk… so there’s that! Sounds like a mint julep might be more appetizing. Just imagine floating down the Mississippi River, listening to a banjo play in the distance, sipping on sweet tea! If you do so there is no doubt that you can’t get a great score. You could join the ranks of interesting people who know a lot about Kentucky, from Jennifer Lawrence to Hunter S. Thompson! So don’t be afraid, prove how smart you are by acing this quiz about the state of Kentucky!