Quiz: 96% Of Americans Can't Pass This Elementary School Grammar Test

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They're going to their house because you're not there.

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 Feb 27, 2017
1 of 10Fill in the blank:
_____ any butter in the fridge.
There ain't
There isn’t no
There isn’t any
2 of 10Fill in the blank:
We haven’t had ______ fun.
A lot
3 of 10Fill in the blank:
I have class ____.
during Mondays
in Mondays
on Mondays
4 of 10Fill in the blank:
Tom is ____ Summer how to copy it right now.
Telling to
5 of 10Fill in the blank:
They weren’t happy about the new neighbor, and frankly, neither ____ I.
6 of 10Fill in the blank:
_____ have they been living in Paris?
How much long
How long
How long time
7 of 10Fill in the blank:
Are you looking forward _____ the play?
to watching
to watch
8 of 10Fill in the blank:
If I won the jackpot, I ______ a house in Silicon Valley.
Would have bought
Will buy
Woud buy
9 of 10Fill in the blank:
I wouldn’t mind ____ the baby tonight.
To look after
To looking after
Looking after
10 of 10Fill in the blank:
I'll never forget ____ Michael win the Olympic gold medal.
To see
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