Quiz: 85% Of People Don't Actually Know The Meaning Of Easter. Do You?

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Easter is the only time where it's okay to put all your eggs in one basket.

If you look forward to Easter every year, then you need to take this quiz! Do you know the meaning of Easter?

 Mar 26, 2018

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What is the Good News that all believers are to share?
All people will rise from the dead
Lent is over
Jesus died for our sins

2 of 20Choose one!

The bread and wine during communion symbolize...
Love and loyalty
The hunger that Christ felt on the cross
The blood and body of Christ

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Holy Week starts off with _____ Sunday.

4 of 20Choose one!

What does Good Friday represent?
The day Jesus was crucified
The day Jesus walked into the desert
The day Jesus rose from the dead

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What does Easter Sunday represent?
The day Jesus was crucified
The day Jesus rose from the dead
The day Judas betrayed Jesus

6 of 20Choose one!

How long did Jesus remain on the earth after His resurrection?
2 weeks
40 days
1 year

7 of 20Choose one!

Which of these people is said to be one of the first to see Jesus after his resurrection?
Mary Magdalene

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Easter always falls on 4/1.

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What is the traditional meat for the main meal during Easter?

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The word "Easter" appears in the Old Testament in the Bible.

11 of 20Pick one!

What is the symbolism of eggs during Easter?
New Life
Preaching the word

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Which flower is associated with Easter?

13 of 20Choose one!

Jesus prophesized that Peter would deny him ___ times.

14 of 20Choose one!

What kind of cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus?

15 of 20Choose one!

Jesus rose from the dead how many days later after his crucifixion?

16 of 20Choose one!

When Jesus entered Jerusalem the week before his death, he was riding a:

17 of 20Choose one!

Jesus' death was symbolic in that he was dying for our sins.

18 of 20Choose one!

Among the disciples, who betrayed Jesus?

19 of 20Choose one!

Pentecost marks the day that _________.
Noah built an arc
the Holy Spirit descended
Moses parted the seas

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What do many Christians say during Church or mass on Easter Sunday?
Spread the Good News!
Peace be with you!
Christ is risen!
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