This Quiz May Know You Better Than You Know Yourself - Is That Possible?

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 Aug 29, 2018
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Question: 1/18Pick one!

What is the very first thing you do in the morning?
Check your phone
Go to the bathroom
Make coffee/tea

Question: 2/18Pick one!

Do you usually order the same thing from your favorite restaurant?
Yes, but with some variation
No, I like to try new things

Question: 3/18Pick one!

Where do you usually shop?
At the mall
Boutique stores

Question: 4/18Pick one!

You have an upcoming 3-day weekend, how are you going to spend it?
At home, in your pajamas
Visit family and friends

Question: 5/18Pick one!

When working on a project, you prefer:
Working by yourself
Working with a partner
Working with a group

Question: 6/18Pick one!

If you arrive at a mixer and the only person you know isn't there yet, what would you do?
Step outside and wait for your friend to show up
Just mingle with the people there
Hang around the snack bar and wait for someone to approach you

Question: 7/18Pick one!

You have 30 minutes before your flight leaves, and you are still 10 minutes away from the airport.
You call the airline to rebook your flight
You try to make it, and make other plans in case it doesn't work out
You hope and pray you'd still make it

Question: 8/18Pick one!

Which of the following closely describes your current workspace?
Very neat and organized
Somewhat messy, but gets tidy by the end of the day
Messy to the untrained eye, but you know where everything is

Question: 9/18Pick one!

Do you know your current bank account balance?
Yes, I know the exact amount
I know the approximate amount
I am certain I have money

Question: 10/18Pick one!

How do you unwind after a stressful day at work?
A cold beverage and watching TV
Doing something creative
Spending time with friends and family

Question: 11/18Pick one!

How would you make the most of a morning off?
Sleeping in a few extra hours
Getting brunch with friends
Heading to the gym

Question: 12/18Pick one!

All the flights during Thanksgiving weekend are completely booked, but you have a reunion to attend. What do you do?
Apologize profusely and promise to attend next year
Get on standby and hope for a miracle
Drive to the venue

Question: 13/18Pick one!

If you're meeting a friend for drinks at 6 p.m., what time will you be there?
No more than 10 minutes later
15 minutes before

Question: 14/18Pick one!

In high school, which subject did you like the most?

Question: 15/18Pick one!

Which of the following would you want to learn?
Cooking professionaly
A form of dance
A foreign language

Question: 16/18Pick one!

Which of the following do you fear the most?
Closed spaces
Public speaking

Question: 17/18Pick one!

In social situations, which of the following usually happens?
You usually just listen
You get into friendly debates
You tell stories

Question: 18/18Pick one!

If you were offered a role in a movie, you would be:
An antagonist
A supporting character
The main star | Quiz Facts

Do you know yourself better than anyone else? Do you think your friends have the same perception of yourself as you? Do you know your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Sometimes, we don't have to travel far into the woods, cross the seven seas, or dive into the unknown to get to know our core. We don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars on a Myers-Briggs personality test or hire a psychologist to understand what truly lies beneath the surface.

If you love personality quizzes, then you definitely need to take this one! Make sure to answer as truthfully as you can. Remember, this is a safe space. No judgment here whatsoever. Once you're done, feel free to share this fun and interesting quiz with your family and friends.

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