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 Jan 25, 2018
1 of 21Pick one!
In what country is Methodism growing rapidly?
South Korea
2 of 21Pick one!
The first book of the New Testament is ______.
3 of 21Pick one!
What president of the United States was part of the Methodist church?
John F. Kennedy
Barack Obama
George W. Bush
4 of 21Pick one!
What is the first line of the Lords Prayer?
Give us this day our daily bread
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name
To the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
5 of 21Pick one!
What are the two sacraments recognized by Methodists?
Baptism and Holy Communion
Charity and Holy Communion
Confession and Baptism
6 of 21Pick one!
When are most Methodists baptized?
Age 13
As infants
As adults
7 of 21Pick one!
John Wesley coined the term, ______.
“agree to disagree.”
"an apple a day keeps the doctor away"
"beggars can't be choosers"
8 of 21Pick one!
Methodists don't believe in baptism.
9 of 21Pick one!
______ is the legislative branch that makes all decisions as to doctrine and polity.
Council of Bishops
Clergy House
General Conference
10 of 21Pick one!
What miracle did Jesus perform at the Marriage at Cana?
Transformed water into wine
Made a blind man see
Cured a sick child
11 of 21Pick one!
Which of the following is NOT one of the officially established Doctrinal Standards of United Methodism?
The General Rules of the Methodist Societies
The Athanasian Creed
John Wesley's Explanatory Notes on the New Testament
12 of 21Pick one!
The UMC recognizes two sacraments: Holy Baptism and _______.
Holy Matrimony
Holy Confirmation
Holy Communion
13 of 21Pick one!
The flame in the church logo represents ______.
The desire to spread the word of the Lord
The unity of the people
The work of the Holy Spirit
14 of 21Pick one!
Where did John Wesley and George Whitefield meet?
Brown University
Oxford University
Duke University
15 of 21Pick one!
Which of these is NOT one of the two sacraments that Methodists recognize?
Holy Communion
Holy Confession
Holy Baptism
16 of 21Pick one!
In which year did the Methodist Church become the United Methodist Church?
17 of 21Pick one!
When is the "Season of Kingdomtide"?
In the Fall in the 13 weeks leading up to Christmas
All the time
The 40 days before Easter
18 of 21Pick one!
What was the first college established by the Methodist church?
19 of 21Pick one!
"I, the Lord of sea and sky I have heard my people cry" is a lyric from which hymn?
How Great Thou Art
Spirit Song
Here I Am, Lord
20 of 21Pick one!
______, John's brother, was known for composing some of the most prolific hymns.
21 of 21Pick one!
John Wesley's mother was his greatest spiritual influence. What was her name?
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