Most Yankees Can't Get Above A 60% On This Southern Culture Quiz. Can You?

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Are you truly from the South?

If you're a native of the South, then you definitely need to take this quiz. If you think you're from the South, you should take this one too!

 Apr 15, 2018

1 of 21Choose one!

What are britches?
Rude people
Body of water

2 of 21Choose one!

What do you call a shopping cart?
Grocer cart

3 of 21Choose one!

Where might you shop for groceries?
Piggly Wiggly
Duane Reade

4 of 21Choose one!

Which Southern State should you visit for the best Cajun cuisine in the nation?

5 of 21Choose one!

What are people called who live above the Virginia line?

6 of 21Choose one!

Complete the phrase: "Red on black, venom lack; red on yellow, kill a _____"

7 of 21Choose one!

Finish the phrase: "She's madder than a _________"
Pregnant pig
Livid Llama
Wet hen

8 of 21Choose one1

If someone tans your hide, you are being:

9 of 21Choose one!

Which of the following phrases is a Southern compliment?
Pretty as peach
Bless your heart
Too big for your britches

10 of 21Choose one!

Where can you find a minnow?
In a pond
In a pig's pen
At the County Fair

11 of 21Choose one!

Where is the birthplace of jazz and blues music?

12 of 21Choose one!

Harper Lee is a famous author known for:
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Great Gatsby
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

13 of 21Choose one!

What is a hushpuppy?
A type of fish
A barking dog
Fried cornmeal bread

14 of 21Choose one!

Which of the following is the preferred drink of a true Southerner?
Sweet tea
Fanta Orange
Mint Mojito

15 of 21Choose one!

Which of these is NOT a nickname for crawfish?

16 of 21Choose one!

Roll Tide is the rally chant for which University?
Auburn University
University of Alabama

17 of 21Choose one!

What is the key alcoholic ingredient in a mint julep?

18 of 21Choose one!

What does it mean when someone says 'Hold your horses'?
Stop lying
Gather evidence
Calm down

19 of 21Choose one!

"She's got gumption" can be translated to "She's got ____".

20 of 21Choose one!

What does the expression '"Three sheets to the wind" mean?
Free spirit

21 of 21Choose one!

Pick the closest meaning to 'I reckon.'
I suppose
I love
I know
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