Most Republicans Won't Get Over 60% On This US Politics Quiz. Will You?

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How well do you know U.S politics?

If you majored in Political Science or did exceptionally well in this class, then you should test your knowledge with this quiz!

 Apr 13, 2018

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Who is next in line for the Presidency after the VP?
Oldest child of the President
Secretary of State
Speaker of the House

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What was the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court Case about?
Segregation in school
Separation of church and state
Legalizing abortion

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What year was same-sex marriage legalized in America?
It's not legal in all states

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What's the minimum age requirement to run for President?

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How many U.S Presidents have been assassinated in office?

6 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following is not a branch of the U.S government?

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How many members make up the House of Representatives?

8 of 20Pick one!

What is the political symbol of the Democratic Party?

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Which of the following U.S Presidents was a Republican candidate?
Andrew Jackson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln

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What is the highest law of the government?
Magna Carta
Bill of Rights
The U.S Constitution

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The first 10 amendments are also called:
Habeas Corpus
The Commandments
Bill of Rights

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Which of the following is traditionally a swing state?

13 of 20Pick one!

What year were women granted the right to vote in America?

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Which amendment covers the right to bear arms?
5th Amendment
13th Amendment
2nd Amendment

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T/F: No President has ever served longer than 2 terms (8 years total).

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What is a filibuster?
A proposed bill from the President
A propaganda
A strategy to delay and postpone action

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Democracy means rule by the:

18 of 20Pick one!

Amendments to the structure require approval from __ of the states.

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What is Capitalism?
An economic system controlled by private owners for profit
A principle of a system of checks and balances
A fundamental law of the nation

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Which state has the most electoral votes?
New York
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