Quiz: Think You Could Pass A Modern Day Driving Permit Exam?

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Take your hands off the wheel and take this test!

Are you a current driver? Do you still remember all the traffic laws and regulations? If so, test your knowledge with this quiz!

 Oct 13, 2018

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A yellow painted curb is for loading zone only.

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While driving in fog, you should use your:
High beam lights
Low beam lights
Emergency lights

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If you are in an intersection and you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you should:
Continue through the intersection, then move to the left and stop
Continue through the intersection, then move towards the right and stop
Move to the right and stop in the intersection

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A driver who is involved in a collision should report it to the DMV within:
15 days
30 days
10 days

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A blue painted curb is considered loading zone only.

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If your parked car rolls away and hits another vehicle. What should you do?
Report the incident to the police.
Drive as fast as you can.
Wait for the driver to return or leave a note with your phone number.

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Locked wheel skids are usually caused by:
Braking too hard at high speed
Pressing gas and brake pedals at the same time
Leaking motor oil

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If a bicycle on your right reaches an intersection at the same time as you do, you should...
Yield to the bicycle
Move because you have the right of way
Ask the cyclist to change lanes

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You can make a left turn on a red light
Only from a one way street to a one way street.
Only from a two way street to a one way street.
Only from a one way street to a two way street.

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If you are having vehicle trouble and you need to stop, what is the first thing you should do?
Lift the hood to signal an emergency
Refer to your car's manual
Pull off the road and away from traffic

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A traffic signal with a flashing yellow arrow means that you should...
Proceed with caution
Proceed at increased speed
Stop and be prepared for the next signal

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After the sun sets, you have ____ minutes to turn your headlights on.

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At an unmarked crosswalk, you must...
Proceed with normal speed
Honk your horn twice before crossing
Yield the right-of-way to the pedestrians

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If you see a diamond-shaped sign on a truck, it means:
Drive at least 10 feet away
Truck load is potentially dangerous
The truck can't exceed 20mph

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A driver in front of you is signaling with his or her hand and arm pointing upward.
The driver wants to stop.
The driver wants to turn right.
The driver wants to turn left.

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Broken white lines indicate that passing is allowed but only when it can be done safely.

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Special "turnout" areas marked on a two-lane road.
Allow vehicles to make left turns
Allow vehicles to make u-turns
Allow vehicles to pass

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If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, you should...
Step on your brakes immediately
Change your steering
Slow down gradually
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