LSAT Quiz: Only A Lawyer Will Be Able To Answer These 20 Questions

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Are you ready to start a career in law?

If you've always dreamed to be a lawyer, you'll need to pass this quiz first! If you're a law student, take a break and take this quiz!

 Mar 04, 2018

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How many members make up a jury?

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Which of the following is not part of your Miranda rights?
Right to bail
Right to remain silent
Right to an attorney

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Which of the following cases led to desegregation?
Brown v. The Board of Education
Plessy v. Ferguson
McCullogh v. Maryland

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What does a judge use to get the attention of the court?
A loud speaker
A gavel
A bell

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What is the supreme law of the land?
The Constitution
The Law & Order SVU marathon
Law of physics

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How many Supreme Court justices are there?

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All lawyers must pass what test?
The Uniform Law Exam
The Bar

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What do you call a person who initiates a lawsuit in court?

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What Supreme Court case struck down laws prohibiting abortions?
Roe v. Wade
Kramer v. Kramer
Riley v. California

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If a person chooses not to answer an incriminating question, they must plead the ______ .

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What branch of government creates the law?
Executive branch
Tree branch
Legislative branch

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How should you address a Judge?
Your Highness
Ma'am/ Sir
Your Honor

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During Prohibition, what was illegal nationwide?
Traveling between states

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Which amendment secured women the right to vote?

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What's a perfect score on the LSAT?

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This is the geographic area in which a law applies:

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This type of crime is defined as punishable by death:
Capital offense

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She was the first female Supreme Court justice.
Antonia Scalia
Sonia Sotomayor
Sandra Day O'Connor

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When a suspect is arrested, police must state the _______ rights?

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After finishing Law School, you must pass the _____ exam in the state you wish to practice.
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