16 Things You'll Understand If You Had Braces


Pain is beauty am I right??

1. It's all you talk about.


It's hard to ignore the metal that surrounds your pearly whites especially when a wire goes haywire and decides to go on a poking spree every time your mouth moves!

2. You check the mirror constantly because...


Forget eating tabouli in public. Braces are apparently the magnet for anything leafy or grainy.

3. They are expensive AF.


Can't afford food but at least your teeth are straight, right?!

4. Say goodbye to Doritos, nachos, biting into whole apples, bubble gum and almonds for the next 2-4 years.


Your loose brackets will tell your orthodontist the entire story... so just give it up now!

5. Big meals are necessary before every orthodontist appointment.


Picture a bear preparing for hibernation.

6. You share a love/hate relationship with these babies:


On one hand, they help close all those awkward gaps. On the other hand, they are damn painful!

7. You grab a handful of toothpicks whenever you're at a restaurant!


In the battle between Man vs. Kale, Kale always wins!

8. At least now you have an excuse for your lack of flossing!


Flossing with braces is like threading a needle with a noodle.

9. A Waterpik flosser will become your new BFF!


Long live the Waterpik!

10. You may have to switch toothpastes.


People with braces have higher risks of getting cavities, so it's probably best to switch to a toothpaste with a higher fluoride content.

11. They may impair your speech...


Don't be alarmed! It'll go away in a few days after your mouth has gotten accustomed to the changes...hopefully.

12. These bands will not make you dance!


They are living nightmares that you'll need to wear for at least 23 hours of the day! Skipping them will just prolong your treatment exponentially, so don't even think about it!

13. Gishy goo and wax easily become your second BFF!


Braces can cause cuts on your cheek or your tongue if you have lingual braces. When the pain becomes bothersome, you can always pad the metals with wax or gishy goo.

14. Invasion of personal space is normal.


They will be all up in your business, literally.

15. Be prepared for an exciting photoshoot with a dental mouth opener!


Definitely Insta-worthy!

16. All the pain will be worth it!


Once the metal comes off, you'll be sure to flash that beautiful smile every chance you get! ...just make sure to wear your retainers!

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