11 Mindless Tricks To Decluttering Your Life


Decluttering is good not only for your physical environment but also for your well-being. You need to make room in your life to allow space for what is truly important. Here are 11 mindless tricks to declutter your life.

1. As you go through your closet, ask yourself this question:


2. Create a sorting system.


Items such as clothing and unwanted appliances can either earn you an extra buck or perhaps benefit other people.

3. Rethink your ‘Just in Case’ items.


If you haven't used it for over a year, you just need to let it go.

4. From time to time, do a cabinet raid.


Decluttering extends beyond our closets. It's important to go through medicine cabinets, the pantry, kitchen drawers, and even the refrigerator. You may be surprised to find expired goods that must be disposed immediately.

5. Group like items and label containers.


When organizing, it's important to consider grouping items that serve the same function. Labeling containers that house stored items will reduce the frustration of finding things.

6. Get rid of file or programs you no longer access on your computer.


It's important to delete unused and unwanted files from your computer. This will not only free up storage space, but it will improve your computer's performance.

7. Digitize paper files and old photographs.


Convert your documents into electronic files to create space in your workstation. As you scan documents, you can label and group like items together. Going through stacks of folders to find a missing document will now be a thing of the past. Moreover, with a cloud based storage, accessing scanned files is now easier than ever.

8. Downsize appliances or furniture to make more space.


Opt for appliances that serve multiple purposes.

9. Develop a habit to put things away right away.


Once you've decluttered, make it a habit to store things in their proper places. It's easy to throw a coat on the couch, but making a conscious effort to immediately hang it in the closet makes a huge difference over time.

10. Practice forgiveness.


Forgive yourself for mistakes you've made, and forgive those who may have wronged you in the past. When you forgive, you gain back the power anger has over you. A clean and organized home is only a temporary fix if your soul remains cluttered.

11. Surround yourself with people who continue to motivate and inspire you.


Walk away from toxic relationships. People who continue to bring you down or hurt you don't have your best interest at heart. Seems simple enough, but it gets difficult when it's the people dearest to our hearts become the ones we must let go. The sad truth is people can change, and it's not always good for both parties.

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With these tricks, you can now free yourself from all the clutter!