19 Things Only People Who Grew Up In a Filipino Household Will Understand

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Open the lights, and don't forget to take your shoes off!

1. Tabo over toilet paper


The Tabo (dipper) can be used for showering, watering the plants, and washing one's behind after you know what. It's far more effective than toilet paper and reduces water consumption!

2. Indoor and Outdoor Tsinelas (slippers)


Shoes in the house are definitely frowned upon, and walking around barefoot on cold surfaces can get you sick, so expect a designated pair for both the indoors and outdoors.

3. Walis Tambo


Why vacuum wooden surfaces when you can just sweep and save on electricity?

4. Walis Tingting


And while walis tambo is primarily used indoors, the walis tingting is used for outdoor cleaning.

5. Bunot/ Coconut husk


This is a traditional polishing tool used for wooden floors. Some call it the native floor polisher!

6. The Last Supper


A painting or tapestry of the Last Super is typically hung behind the dining table. From 1521 to 1898, the Philippines was a colony of the Spanish empire. As of 2010, 80.6% of the total Philippines population are followers of the Roman Catholic Church.

7. Religious Statues


Aside from the Last Supper, most Filipino homes have a statue of the Sto. Nino and the Holy Family in various places of the home.

8. Rice Cooker with flowers


Rice remains a staple food of all Filipinos, so it's no surprise that every household has a rice cooker!

9. Maggi Savor


If you put Sriracha or Tabasco on everything, most Filipinos sprinkle a dash of Toyomansi (soy sauce + calamansi) on everything because it makes dishes extra savory.

10. Fly Swatter


Because flies carry germs and diseases!

11. Food Cover Tent


A fly swatter's partner in crime!

12. Cookie tins filled with sewing supplies


The root of our trust issues.

13. Tupperware Galore


Because we insist that you take home leftovers.

14. Reusable Containers as tupperwares


When you've given out all the tupperwares...

One thing is for sure, it's definitely not butter.

15. Plastic Wrap Everything!


Preservation at its finest.

16. Hanging Rack


Some items are just too delicate for the washer and dryer.

17. Jufran over Heinz


Our ketchup is made from bananas!

18. Magic Sing


Karaoke is an integral part of the Filipino culture. And it really doesn't matter if you have a good singing voice because it's all about the celebration.

19. Sunflower Crackers


Filipinos are known for their hospitality. Instead of asking how you're doing, they often ask 'have you eaten'? So it's natural that most Filipino households have snacks on deck for the unexpected or expected visitor.

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