Is Your Emotional Intelligence High Enough To Pass This Caretaker’s Test?

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Are you qualified to be someone's caregiver?

If you have a passion for helping and serving others, then you need to take this quiz! Do you have what it takes to handle the stress and instability

 Mar 08, 2018

1 of 18True or False:

Caregivers only help with physical tasks.

2 of 18Choose one!

Which of the following is a sign that a patient may not be speaking the truth?
Shaking the leg
Excessively blushing
Avoiding eye contact

3 of 18Choose one!

How do you spot a fake smile?
Not as much teeth visibility
Cheeks rising, causing wrinkles around the eyes
Increased eye contact

4 of 18Choose one!

Which group is better at nonverbal communication?

5 of 18Choose one!

When a patient narrows their lips that usually denotes:

6 of 18Choose one!

Crow's feet wrinkles around the eye area denote:

7 of 18True or False:

Caregivers need to put their own feelings and needs aside and focus on their loved one.

8 of 18Choose one!

Which of the following is a facial element of disgust?
Nose wrinkling
Eyes glare
Tensed lower eyelids

9 of 18Choose one!

Which of the following motions is often linked to deception?
Nose rub
Touching the chin
Crossing of arms

10 of 18True or False:

Female caregivers experience greater emotional stress than male caregivers.

11 of 18Choose one!

Which of the following can assist in reducing burnout?
Being available at all times
Spending less time with family and friends
Having a creative outlet

12 of 18Choose one!

The IRS of Caregiving is: Information, Respite, and _____.

13 of 18Choose one!

Female caregivers are more likely than male caregivers to do which of these tasks?
Personal, hands-on tasks
Arrange for outside help
Executive tasks

14 of 18Choose one!

How do you cope with emotional stress?
Going on a leave
Spending time with loved ones
Engaging in physical activity

15 of 18Choose one!

Which of the following do you prioritize the most?
Patient care
Patient needs

16 of 18Choose one!

I recognize how my behavior affects others
Hardly ever

17 of 18Choose one!

I can listen without jumping to judgment.
Hardly ever

18 of 18Choose one!

I try to see things from another's perspective
Hardly ever
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