Quiz: Are You An Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert? 22 Qs Will Tell All

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It's time to find out!

If you've always wondered if you're an introvert, extrovert, or perhaps a little bit of both, then you need to take this quiz!

 Aug 11, 2018
1 of 22Pick one!
If you were turning 30, what kind of party will you be throwing?
No party. You'd rather travel to another country!
A large one! 30 is big!
Just a nice dinner party with a few friends and family
2 of 22Pick one!
Do you genuinely think your friends have the same perception of you?
You're not sure.
3 of 22Pick one!
How do you usually meet people?
You usually introduce yourself
At work or school
Through friends
4 of 22Pick one!
Would you be willing to go on a solo trip to a foreign country?
Depends on the country...
5 of 22Pick one!
You attend social gatherings because:
You need to get out once in a while.
Attendance is required.
It excites you! You love meeting and reconnecting with people.
6 of 22Pick one!
When making plans for your group...
You always have a suggestion in mind
You're usually indecisive, so you rarely make the decisions
You'd rather have someone make the call
7 of 22Pick one!
Which of the following would be one of your biggest fears?
Public speaking
Closed spaces
8 of 22Pick one!
How do you usually blow off some steam?
Working out at the gym
Reading a book
Getting drinks with friends
9 of 22Pick one!
Do you feel more efficient in:
Group projects
Working with a partner
Working alone
10 of 22Pick one!
How do you deal with conflict?
I try to let time do its thing, if possible.
I avoid them as much as possible
I deal with it right away
11 of 22Pick one!
Your friends can usually count on you for:
Words of Wisdom. You always know the right words to say.
Companionship. You're always available.
Comfort. You are a great listener.
12 of 22Pick one!
Do you update your social media feed regularly?
Only on important events
Rarely. Privacy is important.
13 of 22Pick one!
How many unread emails do you have at the moment?
Maybe not more than 10
At least 20
14 of 22Pick one!
When it comes to opening up about yourself...
You can easily express yourself to others.
It's hard for you to trust others.
You filter what is shared to others.
15 of 22Pick one!
What do you do when you get a missed call from a friend?
Call them back immediately
Send them a text
Wait for a second call
16 of 22Pick one!
You enjoy conversations that are...
Serious and meaningful.
Insightful yet playful.
Full of adventure and funny stories.
17 of 22Pick one!
Generally, do you have a hard time concentrating?
It depends on my level for interest for the project
Not if I'm working by myself
18 of 22Pick one!
You arrive at a party and no one you know is there yet, what do you do?
Leave, and wait in your car until a friend shows up
Wait by the snack table until someone approaches you
Grab a drink and mingle
19 of 22Pick one!
Your phone rings, but you don't recognize the number. What do you do?
Pick it up. It might be urgent.
Text the caller asking who they are.
Let it go to VM
20 of 22Pick one!
Your go-to bar suddenly became the go-to bar of the town...
It's a good bar indeed, but you might leave once it gets too crowded.
It's horrifying. Now you need to find a new spot.
It's about time! Time to meet new people!
21 of 22Pick one!
Your boss gives you a work project...
You'd rather work on it yourself.
You're flexible. You can work on your own or with a team.
You work efficiently with a team.
22 of 22Pick one!
You've got big plans for Saturday night, but then they get cancelled – how do you feel?
Relieved - you were trying to get out of it anyway.
Okay - there will always be a next time
Gutted - you were really looking forward to seeing your friends
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