QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Dallas?

Dallas, texas, movies/tv

Wealth, sex, intrigue, power struggle, and dirty business - themes that made Dallas one of the most revered shows of its time. Take this quiz to test how well you remember the scandalous events and J.R Ewings greatest comebacks.

 Apr 05, 2016
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Dallas, texas, movies/tv
What were the two feuding Texan families of the show?
Ewings and Barneses
Ewings and Smiths
Ewings and Goldmans
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Dallas, texas, movies/tv
What was Willard Barnes' nickname?
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What was the name of the ranch where the Ewings raised their family?
Red Horse
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Who shot J.R.?
J.R.'s wife (Sue Ellen)
Sue Ellen's lover (Dusty)
J.R.'s ex-mistress & Sue Ellen's sister (Kristin)
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How many sons did Jock and Ellie have?
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Dallas, texas, movies/tv
Ellie is diagnosed with what type of cancer?
Cancer of the uterus
Breast cancer
Lung cancer
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J.R marries which former Taxas beauty queen?
Rebecca Ewing
Lucy Ewing
Sue Ellen Ewing
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Who's marriage was the initial focus of the show?
Bobby and Pam
J.R and Sue Ellen
Gary and Valene
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Dallas, texas, movies/tv
Which actor played the role of Randy, the boyfriend of Charlie?
George Clooney
Sean Penn
Brad Pitt
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