Quiz: Answer These 18 Conflicting Qs to Reveal How Good Your Morals Are

If you found a suitcase full of cash, would you turn it into the proper authorities?

 Jul 13, 2018
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Question: 1/18What would you do?

If you see your friend's significant other flirting with someone else?
Do nothing. Maybe it's they were just being friendly
Call your friend immediately
Confront the significant other right away

Question: 2/18What would you do?

If you catch your classmate copying your test answers?
Let them copy
Bring it up to the teacher
Cover your paper

Question: 3/18What would you do?

If you found a $100 dollar bill on the ground?
Give it to the homeless or someone in dire need
Finders keepers
Ask people nearby

Question: 4/18What would you do?

If you clipped a parked car?
Wait for the owner to come back
Leave a note
If no one saw, drive away quickly

Question: 5/18What would you do?

If you hear someone making racial comments?
Walk away immediately
Speak up
Say nothing

Question: 6/18What would you do?

If you see someone packing food at a buffet restaurant?
Hint to the waiter without saying it outright
Let them be
Tell a waiter

Question: 7/18What would you do?

If something at a yard sale is far more valuable than the posted price?
Leave it. Hope for someone to bring it up
Buy it quickly
Tell the seller

Question: 8/18What would you do?

If you notice empty seats in a better row by the half-time show?
Leave it
Snag it before someone else notices

Question: 9/18What would you do?

If your boss gave you credit in a one-on-one meeting for something you did not do?
Let them know the one who deserves the credit
Take it

Question: 10/18What would you do?

If you the cashier gave you more change?
Give it back
Take it leave before they notice
Just take it if it's only less than $5

Question: 11/18What would you do?

If your coworker is telling offensive jokes?
Call them out right away
Bring it to their attention in private
Let someone else bring it to their attention

Question: 12/18What would you do?

If your significant other left their email open?
Log them out right away
Just do a quick browse

Question: 13/18What would you do?

If you see a child steal a lollipop?
Tell their parent
Tell a store clerk
Let it go

Question: 14/18What would you do?

You accidentally walk out of the store with a scarf you did not pay for?
Return it
Take it

Question: 15/18What would you do?

If someone walks out of the restroom with tissue stuck to their shoe?
They'll find out soon enough
Tell them right away

Question: 16/18What would you do?

If you see someone commit a hit and run, but left a note?
Take down the license plate just in case
At least they left a note

Question: 17/18What would you do?

If your friend offers answers to the final examination?
Don't get involved
Take a quick peek
Send a secret tip to the teacher

Question: 18/18What would you do?

If someone left their brand-named sunglasses?
Report it to the lost and found
Keep it if it looks good on you
Leave it there
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