Quiz: 90% of Americans Don’t Know the Meaning of These 22 Foreign Phrases

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 Jun 18, 2018
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Question: 1/22Define the word/phrase:

Hasta la Vista
Until tomorrow
See you later
You lift me up

Question: 2/22Define the word/phrase:

Mazel Tov
Praise the Lord

Question: 3/22Define the word/phrase:

Joie de vivre
Justice for all
Joy of living
Enjoy this meal

Question: 4/22Define the word/phrase:

Mi casa, su casa
My home is your home
Case closed
Let's eat

Question: 5/22Define the word/phrase:

Thank you
Good luck

Question: 6/22Define the word/phrase:

Que sera, sera
Life is a box of chocolates
Whatever will be will be
Close the door

Question: 7/22Define the word/phrase:

C’est la vie!
Thank you
It is the life
Hello and goodbye

Question: 8/22Define the word/phrase:

Je ne sais quoi
I don't know what
Come away with me
Roam free

Question: 9/22Define the word/phrase:

Quid pro quo
Something for something
Nice guys finish last
Another one bites the dust

Question: 10/22Define the word/phrase:

Ad absurdum
To the point of absurdity
To love and to hold

Question: 11/22Define the word/phrase:

Al dente
Going full force
Perfectly cooked
Before you go

Question: 12/22Define the word/phrase:

Bona fide

Question: 13/22Define the word/phrase:

Carpe diem
A few good men
Follow your heart
Seize the day

Question: 14/22Define the word/phrase:

De facto
Not true
I digress
In fact

Question: 15/22Define the word/phrase:

Dolce vita
The heart wants what it wants
Caramel life
Sweet life

Question: 16/22Define the word/phrase:

Faux pas
Pass the salt
Embarrassing act or remark

Question: 17/22Define the word/phrase:

Ipso facto
I don't believe you
By that very fact
In the previous episode

Question: 18/22Define the word/phrase:

Truth be told
Hand made
Minimal interference

Question: 19/22Define the word/phrase:

Magnum opus
Follow the bright light
Great work

Question: 20/22Define the word/phrase:

Mea culpa
Nice try
My fault
You frightened me

Question: 21/22Define the word/phrase:

Opposite to
In relation to
The real source

Question: 22/22Define the word/phrase:

Ciao Bella
Goodbye friend
My girl
Hello beautiful
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Foreign phrases certainly add flare to the english language. Sometimes, there just isn't one word (or even an English saying) to fully express what one truly feels or wants to convey. If you frequently use foreign phrases such as these or maybe you're multilingual, then you need to give this quiz a try. Put your foreign phrases knowledge to the test!

If you are ready for today's challenge, sit back and relax, and get ready to take the easiest or maybe the hardest quiz in your life. All are welcomed to take this challenge. If you just need a break from the hectic world around you and from those excel sheets, give this quiz a try. Once you are done, make sure to share your results with all your friends and family. If you still keep in touch with your English teacher, then you definitely need to share this with them!