Quiz: How Much Do You Know About All The Craziest Stories Of The Bible?

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How well do you know the stories of the Bible?

If you know a lot about the Bible and its popular stories, then you will have no problem acing this quiz!

 Oct 29, 2018

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Jesus led _____ to teach believers after his death.

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In the story of the Three Wise Men, who is not one of the kings who visited Jesus?

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Balthazar gifted Jesus Myrrh in the Three Wise Men story. What is myrrh?

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Noah was instructed by God to bring aboard as many animals as he can.

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How did David defeat Goliath?
With a sling and a stone
With a poisoned wine
With a sword

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Who was the King in the David and Goliath story?
King Saul
King Melchoir
King Herod

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What sea did Moses part?
Red Sea
Sea of Israel
Salton Sea

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Who did Moses save the Israelites from?
Pontius Pilate

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Balaam the Prophet is best known as:
The Donkey Guy
The Horse Guy
The Rabbit Guy

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Of these Kings, who is considered the wisest?

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His hair was cut, so he lost his strength.

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How many days did it take for God to create the world?

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Who did Jesus raise from the dead?
John the Baptist

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Who did Pilate set free at Jesus' sentencing?

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At what time did Jesus die according the the scripture of Mark?

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Jesus fed 5,000 with:
Five loaves and two fish
Rice and three fish
A sheep and a loaf of bread

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What miracle did Jesus perform at Cana in Galilee?
Turning water into wine
Raising the dead
Multiplying a loaf of bread to feed 5,000

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Of all of Jacob's sons, who was his favorite?
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